Husband and wife promoted to army captain together at Fort Benning


FORT BENNING, Ga. (WTVM) – A married couple who found love at Fort Benning are now rising in rank – together, in a unique way.

“I was the only Votino for a long time, so at 1st I was surprised to see another Votino on the list, then I got excited, because it’s cool to have my best friend’s name next to me on the list,” CPT Scott Votino said after being promoted to Army captain with his wife.

His best friend also works on Fort Benning. Scott and Rebecca Votino were both promoted to captain in the military at the same time, just over a year after they were married.

“We are both currently stationed at Fort Benning. I work for the armor school, he’s in the boat captain course. We knew we wanted to promote together. We just picked a time when the Sullivan Cup was happening, do it the cool way,” said CPT Rebecca Votino.

The promotion ceremony took place during this competition, with World War II tanks in the background and a family watching. Higher rank means more responsibility, higher expectations, but CPT Scott Votino said it was better that way.

“As nervous as I may be to step up the ranks, it has helped me to know that she has been promoted with me, and she is here to go through the same struggles that I am going through, because then we can support each other and work together. ”

CPT Scott Votino also added: ‘We’re kidding, we’re the perfect mix, she’s the brains, I’m the muscle. She has a lot of knowledge and experience. I usually use it as a sounding board when I’m about to do something stupid.

They weren’t promoted to 1st Lt together because they were at different Army installations and weren’t married yet. They met in college and started dating at Fort Benning, where they are on the same team on and off the job.

“Our experiences have been completely different, so it’s nice to see the other side of the Armor community,” said CPT Rebecca Votino.

“I wouldn’t say there’s a commander in the house, we’re even in it. We each have tasks we don’t like,” said CPT Scott Votino.

They love each other and love the army. So will they continue to be promoted at the same time?

“It was so much fun the first time…that should be a thing,” said CPT Scott Votino.

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