Iconic Jeep Brand Introduces First Anti-Tesla Weapon


Jeep took its time, but the iconic brand of all-terrain vehicles has finally arrived.

“Here” is the brand’s first 100% electric vehicle. And the company does not hide its ambition to overthrow Tesla (TSLA) as the dominant force in the green vehicle SUV segment.

Indeed, the Elon Musk group, world leader in electric vehicles, and its Model Y SUV are the benchmark for green SUVs. The Model Y is one of Tesla’s bestsellers, along with the entry-level Model 3 sedan.

The Austin automaker doesn’t go into detail when releasing its vehicle deliveries, but the Model Y and Model 3 together accounted for 94.6% of Tesla’s 343,830 vehicles delivered in the third trimester.

Jeep, a division of Stellantis (STLA) which was born from the merger of Fiat Chrysler and the French group Peugeot-Citroën, seems indifferent to Tesla’s position.

The group relies on its history and its place in the collective imagination to quickly find its place on the market. And he just dropped his first weapon in the counterattack against Tesla and other automakers, including Ford. (F) and his Mustang Mach-E.

jeep avenger

That weapon is the Jeep Avenger, which was unveiled on October 17 at the Paris Auto Show.

The Jeep Avenger comes with a new electric motor and a new battery. The battery has a range of 400 kilometers (249 miles) on a single charge.

The firm claims that on a fast charger, three minutes of charging lasts 30 km (18 miles) and 24 minutes of charging boosts the battery from 20% to 80%. (Using a less powerful AC charge, a full charge for the Avenger takes 5.5 hours.)

A 400-volt electric motor gives the car 156 horsepower and 260 Nm (pound-feet) of torque. The new Avenger is 4.08m (13.5ft) long, which is 16cm (6.3in) shorter than the Renegade. It has a short front, rear overhang and larger wheels.

The Avenger has classic Jeep features, including Hill Descent Control and Selec-Terrain, which gives you six drive modes to match the driving conditions.

“The new Jeep Avenger represents a key milestone for the brand as it is the first in a portfolio of all-new Jeep [battery-electric vehicles] to introduce in Europe. said Christian Meunier, general manager of the Jeep brand.

“It offers perfectly sized Jeep-branded capabilities for the European market. And at the Paris Motor Show, we’re showing why it’s a great all-electric Jeep-branded alternative to current players in the B-SUV segment. .”

Indeed, the Jeep Avenger is intended for the European market as well as Japan and Korea. Jeep started marketing; the vehicle will arrive in showrooms in 2023.

No word on Jeep Avenger pricing

Customers can pre-book the Jeep Avenger Launch Edition until November 30, said the company, which plans to introduce four all-electric vehicles in Europe by 2025.

While the order is open, Jeep has yet to disclose pricing for the Avenger.

The brand wants to reach 50% of sales in the United States and 100% of sales in Europe in electric vehicles by 2030. An ambitious objective that fits perfectly with the promises contained in the Dare Forward 2030 plan.

Jeep Avenger Lead JS 101822

In the United States, the first all-electric SUV launched by the Jeep brand will be the Recon, as Ellen Chang of TheStreet wrote last month.

Jeep had promised that the Recon would be a new model designed from scratch. It will be built on one of Stellantis’ new platforms and will be equipped with true off-road capability – a simple transition from on-road to off-road driving – thanks to the Jeep Selec-Terrain system.

The company plans to launch the Recon in 2023. This model will have a one-touch sunroof and removable doors. Produced in the United States, the Jeep Recon will be marketed in the brand’s main markets, including Europe.

Emblematic of the American manufacturer: The Jeep Wagoneer will also have an electric version. The next generation of this premium SUV will come with a 600hp engine and is expected to offer up to 373 miles of range.

Produced in North America from 2024, this model will be presented next year and will also be offered in Europe.


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