Introducing local civil war and slavery


BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A local Civil War historian seeks to set the record straight that the reason the war between the states was fought was because of slavery.

SUNY Broome history professor Steve Call was the guest speaker at the Binghamton Noon Rotary Club this afternoon.

Call has made it his mission to debunk the myth of the lost cause, a claim that the unrepentant

The Confederates argued after the war ended that the conflict was about states’ rights, not slavery.

Call says the argument, along with racist and discredited academic research asserting black inferiority, has often been used to support Jim Crow laws and segregation.

He says such racist ideas persist today with conspiracy theories like the white replacement theory that was adopted in the online manifesto posted by the Conklin man accused of the racist massacre in Buffalo.

“His whole twisted vision is a good illustration of the lingering dangers of this radical rewriting of history. I really try to re-educate the public as much as possible through my classes and programs like this.

Call says that all written correspondence and even memoirs written by Confederate leaders before and during the Civil War confirm that they were solely motivated by the maintenance of slavery.

Call is entering his 22nd year teaching at SUNY Broome.

He is part of a series of speakers that Binghamton Noon Rotary will present over the next month to discuss issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion.


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