Jabba the Hutt replaces Boba Fett with a new bounty hunter


Jabba the Hutt replaces Boba Fett with a new bounty hunter named Deva Lompop. Now she is proving to be a worthy successor.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Wars: Jabba the Hutt # 1

Jabba the Hutt replace Boba fett with a new bounty hunter appointed Deva lompop. Although Fett was by Jabba’s side throughout the original trilogy, there was a time when their business relationship became difficult. Now, Lompop is proving to be a worthy candidate to fill the void left by Fett.

As a Star Wars comic book crossover event Bounty Hunter War Continuing, Jabba the Hutt gets its own eponymous one-shot special. If anyone has the right to be upset in the midst of the current conflict, it’s the biggest slug gangster in the galaxy. After lose carbonite coated smuggler Han Solo, he is furious with his hired Boba Fett. Their feud continues in Bounty Hunter War: Jabba the Hutt # 1, written by Justina Ireland with art from Ibraim Roberson and Luca Pzizari. The one-shot also features an illustrated cover by Mahmud Asar and Matthew Wilson.

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Much like the Empire, Jabba the Hutt has plenty of bounty hunters at his disposal, as he hires Deva Lompop to complete the job Boba Fett failed to do. In a preview revealed by StarWars.com, Jabba is done waiting for frozen Han Solo to arrive at his palace and employ Lompop to collect his prize. As Bib Fortuna holds out her hand, she asks him if it is for this work that she will finally receive her full payment, because Jabba owed her a debt. Travel to Nar Shadda where Boba Fett had been recently followed by Jabba, Deva Lompop asks for information, interviewing a Bothan and a Gran. While she doesn’t discover much, the story teases what she’s capable of, as Jabba only hires the best.

In a flashback to a previous encounter between Jaba and Lompop, it is revealed that she has become an information broker, apparently after a long life in the underworld. At one point, she had given up on a life of assassin work, but Jabba brought her back into the match. At the time, she crossed paths with Boba Fett who had accompanied Jabba on his visit. As Shani, her lifespan can last for centuries, and apparently she was even present during the time of the High Republic. Her advanced age is ironic given her youthful and energetic design, from her green skin to her colorful mohawk.

At time Return of the Jedi, Jabba acquires Captain Solo frozen carbonite, which means he will soon get what he wants. However, it is doubtful that Deva Lompop will stay a long time, because Boba fett finally returns to Jabba’s good graces. Both bounty hunters will likely be pitted against each other with no option other than war, as the titular event indicates. This time, Jabba the Hutt prepares for victory, potentially at the cost of the life of Bounty Hunter Shani.

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Source: StarWars.com

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