Kmet continues its progression towards an offensive weapon


The pair had no trouble connecting in a live situation, but elements almost prevented the score again. With no Lions defender within 10 yards of Kmet, making a simple catch, he briefly lost Fields’ slick pass in the sun.

“The sun at that time was right in that vision,” Kmet said. “So I lost it for a few seconds and I was like, ‘Where’s that stuff? There is a slight shadow coming in and you see it peaking through the sun a bit. My baseball days in center field probably helped in this situation.

Kmet’s pre-scoring play was a similar style with the same 13-person package (one running back and three tight ends), except Fields handed it to Herbert for a 9-yard gain.

Coach Matt Eberflus said they had “maybe 15 ways to run these types of plays with different looks and different moves” which confused the defense. So when Fields faked the transfer and then unfolded on the ensuing play, too many Lions defenders followed him, allowing Kmet to sneak out in the open.

“I think everything went well,” Kmet said. “We obviously saw throughout the game that they were overplaying a bit. We do a lot of those moves with Justin. Justin really likes these types of passing games, get him out of the pocket. a bit of security, then ended up flat on his face, and it turned out to be a big game.”


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