LET’S TALK: Men without diplomas – alone, broke


So it seems that all the young women still harboring the old-fashioned idea of ​​going to college for an ‘MRS’ degree as well as that conventional sheepskin square or rectangle might well (a) be sorely disappointed and (b ) having to endure with a lot of contemptuous looks from the single, non-graduate restaurant table bussers they have chosen to reject.

This is indicated in a recent article published on insider.com (among others on the Net).

A New York University professor worries that, as the headline stated, “fewer men attending college will lead to a ‘mating crisis’ as the US produces too much men ‘alone and broke’ “.

Sarah Al-Arshani’s September 25 article conveys the Wall Street Journal’s September report that “women made up 59.5% of students at the end of the 2020-2021 school year, an all-time high … C ‘ compared to 40.5% of men enrolled in university. “

“Data from the National Center for Education Statistics found that in 1970, men made up almost 59% of those enrolled in college, compared with about 41% of women enrolled.” So that thing totally changed, with the Journal report containing the prediction that the university gender gap will widen “over the next few years … so that for every man who graduates from college, two women would have won one. “

And that leads to the mating crisis, New York University professor Scott Galloway told CNN.

He cites the increased cost of going to college “without much change in the quality of going to college” as one of the reasons for the gap. That, and men with “more options beyond college at this age than women” … options such as construction and other commercial jobs. What worries her is that young women with a college education generally do not choose to date young men who have not gone to college. And that, Galloway warns, creates “mating inequality,” which he says is an “existential threat to society.”

“The most dangerous person in the world is a broke and lonely man and we produce too much,” he says, adding that “the world’s most unstable violent societies” all have one thing in common: “depressed young men who don’t get attached to work, don’t get attached to school, and don’t get attached to relationships. “

Mmmhkay. It reminds me of an article, “Why are things?” – I think it may have been Joel Achenbach’s old Washington Post article – that regularly appeared in a dearly defunct local publication. The column featured creative and humorous ways of answering various questions in life.

One column dealt with the question of why polygamy, not so unusual in the ancient world, came to be generally frowned upon. The answer: “Then the losers could have dates. At one time, the wealthy ballers would get married and corner all eligible women and enjoy the harems. (Hey, we people in the church know well those Old Testament kings who had hundreds of wives and billions of concubines.) Either way, all this hoarding has left the “losers”. Or the Plain Joes, with no one to get along with.

From what Galloway has said, it is these womenless losers who have become dangerous and have caused problems and instability in societies throughout history.

But wait … would these results still be the case despite the fact that in recent years the university has taken a reputational blow as leading to a dormitory load of student loan debt for graduates who cannot? to find jobs to pay off the debt?

And wouldn’t that mean that there could be a lot of educated but broke women, alone with standards lying around and causing problems as well? I can imagine the two groups on both sides of the street, looking at each other… the lonely guys, with empty pockets and no sheepskin on one side; women alone, in debt, holding up diplomas but depressed who will not date each other. It could lead to serious war.

It may even lead to the reintroduction of polygamy into society as a solution. Which might make many college-educated women the wife of a man who is all of that, but has to share with his sister-wives, which means she can only date him. ‘once a month or a year.

Well, we can only hope for a utopia whose demographics are made up of guys who went to business school, got high paying jobs, and happily married girls who (a) also went to business school / work blue collar jobs; (b) are stay-at-home mothers; or (c) went to college, but didn’t listen to the well-meaning parents who urged them to “marry a man who has more education and earns more money than you” and instead chose their wives according to their character. Spouses who are comfortable earning less money than their wives or who are even willing to be stay-at-home fathers.

Imagine that.

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