Mailbag: Who are the Eagles most likely to beat in the playoffs?


THE playoffs are approaching!


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@ LEE_YUM_GR80: Who do we have the best chance of beating in the first round between Buccaneers, cowboys and rams?

The Eagles can face one of four possible teams during Wild Card Weekend: the Cardinals, Buccaneers, Cowboys or Rams.

Here’s how I would rank them based on which team I want the Eagles to face the most to the team I least want the Eagles to face:

  1. Cardinals
  2. Rams
  3. Buccaneers
  4. cowboys

My justification:

  • The Cardinals had a nice victory over Dallas yesterday, but they were more than suspect in the second half of the season. Wide star Deandre Hopkins seems unlikely to play in the playoffs. The Eagles might even have the head coach advantage over Kliff Kingsbury.
  • Matthew Stafford looks like he can ignite at any moment. He has as many playoff wins to his name as Jalen Hurts.
  • Tom Brady is Tom Brady. This Tampa Bay defense continues to climb high after giving the Buccaneers a super bowl win last year. Once again, they have the all-time best player on their squad who improbably appears to be playing better football than he has ever done before as a 44-year-old flagman.
  • Playing the Cowboys in back-to-back games before the playoffs gives me bad vibes in 2009. The Eagles are a whole different team than they were when the two teams met in Week 3, but I can’t. keep me from imagining a 75-yard touchdown to CeeDee Lamb in the first scrum game and everything goes to hell from there.

I can see all sides here though. Kyler Murray could be circling around the Birds’ defensive line. The idea of ​​Cooper Kupp and Odell Beckham Jr. wreaking havoc on the Eagles backend is terrifying. The absences of Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown are hard knocks for the Bucs. Mike Freakin ‘McCarthy is the head coach of the Cowboys. I will eventually convince myself that the Eagles will be upset no matter who they play because I am a monster.

@GoodhartJustinQ .: How does this defense allow the WFT to score on all 4 possessions in the first half and look really terrible, then shut them out in the second half? Are we being too hard on Gannon or is it because we are up against bad teams?

This Eagles defense will only go as far as their pass rush takes them. The lack of pressure the defensive line put on Washington quarterback Taylor Heinecke early Sunday was truly pathetic. Giving opposing quarterbacks too much time to throw leads to those absurd completion percentages that the Eagles were surrendering to start this season. Despite a four-sack effort in Landover, Maryland, the Birds are still only 29th in the NFL in sacks.

If Fletcher Cox can play like him in 2018 and Josh Sweat continues to thrive, they could be a force. I’m not overconfident at the moment. Javon Hargrave has to be the Hargrave we’ve seen to kick off 2021. The continued development of rookie Milton Williams would also be a boost.

In the heat of the moment, any defensive coordinator can be maddening, but Gannon did a pretty decent job. Did he do enough to get the buzz of the future head coach? Absolutely not, but Gannon has the dudes in the linebacker group and guys like Darius Slay and Avonte Maddox look infinitely better than they did in 2020.

@Playing_Opossum: If, by chance, the Bucs withdraw with a late game drive to win, will the draft go: CB, LB, OL instead of Edge, WR, CB?

Can we be positive for a second, enjoy the magic of the playoffs and not take a loss to an opponent that hasn’t even been decided yet? Why would Brady being Brady change the entire Eagles draft strategy anyway? He shouldn’t and he won’t.

EDGE is sneakily my primary need with Brandon Graham’s devastating injury. Obviously, the Eagles’ organization also places emphasis on the trenches. A guy like Travon Walker from Georgia would be on my radar in the first round in mid-late April.

@ 3_AV_Crue: Rank the 5 best songs in the pre-playoff game (I’ll help you out if you need it.)

Excellent question, AV.

“Dreams and Nightmares (Intro)” by Meek Mill is such an obvious answer to Eagles fans that I’m going to put it aside. For example, your grandmother might know the words at this point.

Here are a few cuts to choose from:

I had to include another Meek song, right? Another opening track from the album, “Lord Knows” has the same rags-to-rich energy as Meek’s most legendary song.

Its use as a pumping drive montage song in Creed also strengthens its position on the list:

I want to be on Broad Street shouting that chorus alongside hundreds of people the night the Eagles have the Super Bowl.

Used in the now-iconic Eagles hype video ahead of the 2013 season, “It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning” makes me want to reflect on my entire life before imagining myself stepping out of the Lincoln Financial Field tunnel. The build-up is cathartic and when those pulsating drums hit, I just lose it.

It’s a song that sums it up well to get your ass kicked and go on no matter what.

An iconic Philly anthem! This power pop bop whipped jangly guitar intro is perfect.

I rocked out of a South Philly basement covered in stale beer and sweat under half-lit fluorescent lights and spent the winter writing songs about improvement, well, if I’m honest, I get there. “

It hits your soul.

@FlyGoalScoredBy: Small question for the mailbag: Can they do it?

In the words of a wise man:


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