Man posing as army lieutenant arrested in Kolkata; Army ID card, salvaged uniform


Military Intelligence arrests a man posing as an army lieutenant. They got him an army officer’s identity card and a uniform.

A man has been arrested for impersonating an army lieutenant. An army officer’s identity card and a uniform were recovered from him.

Kolkata-based military intelligence noted that an alleged serving officer from the Indian Army was very active on social media.

The man identified as Shivam Pandey, 22, claimed to be a lieutenant in the army and deployed to the Chinar Corps.

On Monday, Pandey was picked up from the New Market area of ​​Kolkata and handed over to the Kolkata Police.


Military intelligence checked his social media activity and noted that he posted numerous updates on Facebook, Instagram and other sites. In fact, the officer was even selling a book on websites.

Alarmed by the activities, the suspect was placed under surveillance for more than a month. It became apparent that the person was not an army officer but an impostor.

The suspect was but was very evasive. But after receiving very specific information that the impostor was coming to Kolkata, the military intelligence then set a trap for the Kolkata police.


The suspect was arrested near the Eastern Command HQ in the New Market area of ​​Kolkata. When he was arrested, he was in combat gear.

Raids were carried out simultaneously in nearby locations and four other accomplices were also arrested.

During the search, an army officer’s identity card, various army notepads and an army uniform were found.


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