MCU theory explains why Thanos gave Loki an army


An MCU fan theory suggests that Thanos recruited Loki not to claim the Space Stone, but to wreak havoc on his greatest galactic threat: Asgard.

A long-standing point of contention with fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the exact reasoning that someone like Thanos would ever entrust someone as reckless and unpredictable as Loki with one of the Infinity Stones, but an idea turns this bizarre decision into a flawless piece. of the Mad Titan’s strategy. A fan theory about Thanos’ plans in the early phases of the MCU suggests that his entrusting Loki with the Mind Stone and the Chitauri Army was actually part of a long-running plan to sow controversy. discord among the Asgardians. In the process, one of Thanos’ biggest threats to his overall plan for the universe could be dealt with without the Mad Titan lifting a finger at them.

While the events of the MCU largely took place on Earth, Thanos was deep in space searching for the Infinity Stones during the early events of the franchise. One of his first technical connections to Earth came when he employed Loki to attack Earth and claim the Tesseract by The Avengers. To that end, he entrusted Loki with a mighty scepter containing the Mind Stone, as well as a massive army. At first glance, it seems that conquering Earth and capturing the Space Stone was the only priority of this attack, but a theory of Reddit Zentaurion user suggests that there was an ulterior motive to Thanos’ actions, and that by empowering Loki, Thanos was actually playing a long game to try and bring down Asgard instead of Earth.

In MCU history, Odin was one of the most powerful lords in the universe, having even waged war across the galaxy until he settled down and started a family with Frigga. Even if Odin became more peaceful, the power of the All-Father coupled with the forces of Asgard might have been enough of a threat to counter Thanos and his armies, so it only makes sense that someone as tactical as Thanos would look for a way to bring down Asgard without drawing attention to himself.

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The theory suggests that’s how Thanos realized Loki’s potential – not as a general or a king, but as a joker. After the events of Thorthe theory notes how an observant Thanos could likely tell that Loki was a dangerous presence within the Asgardian royal family and could be counted on to cause trouble even if he failed to obtain the Tesseract.

With this theory in mind, the eventual collapse of Asgard could actually be seen as following Thanos’ plan almost wrongly. As Loki was defeated and the Mind Stone found its way into the possession of humanity, the Tesseract and Loki were transferred to Asgard for safekeeping, but internal strife within the Asgardian Royal Family soon led to them. cost much of their power.

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Loki’s presence in Thor: The Dark World resulted in Frigga’s death and Odin’s dethronement, leading to the rediscovered Aether being entrusted to the (much more vulnerable) Collector. Loki’s rule in Asgard reduced their strength and the entire realm was destroyed in Thor: Ragnarok by Hela returning after Odin’s death.

In retrospect, this decimated the Asgardian army and destroyed one of the few forces in the MCU that Thanos thought could likely get him in trouble, allowing him to attack the dwarves of Nidavellir and force them to create a new Gauntlet without risk Asgardian involvement. Thanos notably worked with secondary agents until the fall of Asgard, when Thanos began waging war on Xandar and the Asgardian survivors, wiping them out with relative ease and taking the Infinity Stones.

Maybe it’s because it kept him away from Asgard until they were too weak to do anything against Thanos’ plans. His investment in Loki is even paying off once again in Avengers: Infinity War, as the Deceitful Prince’s decision to take the Tesseract from Asgard just before it was destroyed allowed Thanos to fully empower the Infinity Gauntlet. It’s a compelling theory, explaining why Thanos would entrust Loki with so much power. The Avengers because it didn’t matter if Loki won or not, just that he threw the galaxy into disarray and set the stage for Asgard to fall before they could ever lift a finger against Thanos directly. In that sense, entrusting Loki with all that power was a resounding success.

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