Military suicides soar among active-duty military personnel


In the second quarter of 2021, 60 active-duty personnel in the U.S. military were killed by suicide, up from 41 the year before.

Comparatively, the total number of military personnel who have died from the coronavirus since the start of the pandemic stands at 67 years old.

Last month, the military released figures showing suicides in the armed forces jumped 15% last year, fueled by significant increases in the military and marine corps that senior leaders have called disturbing. They called for more effort to reverse the trend.

According to the data, there were 580 suicides last year compared to 504 the previous year. Of these, the number of suicides by Army National Guard troops has jumped by around 35%, from 76 in 2019 to 103 last year, and the active-duty military has seen a decline. increase of almost 20%. Marine Corps suicides have increased by more than 30%, from 47 to 62; while the Marine Corps reserves fell from nine fatalities to 10.

“The results are disturbing,” Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said. “The suicide rates among our military and military families are still too high, and the trends are not going in the right direction.”

The statistics appeared this summer in a report by Cost of War Project – a joint research effort between Brown University and Boston University.

“Unless the United States government and American society make significant changes in the way we deal with the mental health crisis among our military personnel and veterans, suicide rates will continue to rise,” the newspaper warns. “It is a cost of war that we cannot accept.”

Greg Norman of Fox News and Associated Press contributed to this report

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