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Money theft kept fans on the edge of their seats through every nerve-wracking turn and corner. But despite being an action thriller at its core, the series managed to create characters who connected with audiences around the world and fans found themselves rooted for the Professor and his gang.

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While the series brought characters back from the dead, particularly Berlin who had prolonged flashbacks, the character’s final lines before some of them were tragically killed will be considered their final quote. It is, for all but Tokyo, who narrated the series from start to finish, despite his death in the first part of season 5.



“Come with me.”

“Maybe you doubt it, but not me.”

Helsinki smiling in Money Heist

The war veteran remains a little behind in the first episodes of the series. His first line is discreet as he brings a hostage towards him under orders from Berlin so he can be searched for a phone that had been stolen from thieves.

Helsinki is revealed to be a kind and generous man as the series progresses. He also developed a relationship with Palermo during the break-up of the Bank of Spain and his last line is aimed at the latter. Helsinki is seriously injured inside the bank but tells Palermo that he has confidence in him and that he can get Helsinki out of there alive. Seeing how he fell in love with the eccentric Palermo, it is perfectly fitting that he tells her his last line, softly and gently.


“So the planets? “

“Thank you.”

Rio is looking out the window into Money Heist.

Young Rio’s first words come when the team tries to find their aliases for the first heist. Since the professor suggests that they could choose numbers, planets, or city names, Rio wonders if they could choose planets.

Rio’s final line in the series is a heartfelt thanks to the Professor for bringing the whole team together and planning a phenomenal heist just to save Rio from the Spanish police. Rio was certainly not the only reason Sergio had planned the robbery of the Bank of Spain, but he was saved from inhuman torture nonetheless thanks to the professor.


“So Lord 17 and Lady 23?” “

“I didn’t say a word by the way.”

Money Heist Denver on pile of money

Originally defined as the resident moron of sorts, Denver’s opening words reflect his tendency to play the fool. As the Professor tells his recruits to choose names or numbers so that none of the team members know each other personally, Denver chooses numbers and wonders if they can be treated like lords and ladies.

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By the time the series comes to an end, Denver is the only one on the team nearly crunching under the pressure and prepares to save himself and his wife Monica in exchange for leaking information about the stolen gold and the professor. When the latter finally convinces Tamayo to let go of the thieves, Denver is also released. And he tells his friends he’s never played snitch, which he actually hasn’t, perfectly in keeping with his reckless but ultimately decent nature.


“What do you mean by five months?

“I love you.”

Moscow’s introduction led him to ask the professor why the plan’s implementation would take up to five months. Naturally, this question would have arisen in the minds of all thieves, since none of them had done anything like this before.

Moscow tragically dies in Part 2 after being fatally injured by police. In a heart-wrenching scene, he bids farewell to his friends and his son Denver, telling the latter that he loves him. Moscow’s last words left him, as well as other gang members and fans, with tears in their eyes.


“Please breathe. “

“And it’s irreversible.”

Stockholm with the mask lifted on the head

Before the heist of the Royal Mint of Spain began and she rushed headlong into a series of intense events, Monica Gaztambide, one of the bravest Money theft hostages, worried about his toxic relationship with Arturo. Her first retort came when the latter snuck up on her from behind and told her she took his breath away.

Stockholm last spoke when the entire gang was at gunpoint under Tamayo’s orders. She tells Palermo and Manila, still vaguely optimistic, that she was only thinking about the irreversible fact of Denver’s arrest. Since she and Denver were part of the show’s side romantic narrative, it made sense that her final line in the show would involve the man she loved.


“Do you know what you should have done there?”

“I do not know.”

Nairobi didn’t have its first line until the first heist of Season 1 was underway and Tokyo had literally just shot the police. Always more level-headed than Tokyo, she yells at her friend not to stick to the professor’s plan and to have engaged in a shootout in which Rio was injured.

Nairobi dies a terrible death which is difficult to watch and harder to understand. She becomes a puppet in the hands of the sadistic Gandia who longs for revenge and gives the vibrant young woman a rather humiliating death. Her last line comes just before a heart-wrenching confrontation between Gandia and the other gang members when Denver asks her where her torturer is inside the room. It’s heartbreaking to see her helpless in her last minutes, and her last line testifies to it.


“I assure you that a psychopath with a gun is scarier than a skeleton.”

“I’ve spent my life being a bit of a dump **, but today I think I want to die with dignity.”

One of the smartest Money theft characters, Berlin’s flamboyant frontline arrived at the start of the first heist at the Royal Spanish Mint when Denver, Moscow and Rio were discussing the degree of fear their now infamous Dali masks invoked. He assured the others, with a gun pointed at them, nothing less, that masks would work very well to scare people, far more than skeletons.

Berlin delivered its last line just before very heroically dying taking a volley of bullets so that the others could escape safely. As the police neared the first burglary, Sergio urged Berlin out of the tunnel, but of course his older brother disagreed. He informed Sergio that he wanted to call him with dignity.


“Paula, you need a perfect flower here.”

“Sergio! “

One of the biggest shocks the show has given its fans came in the form of Raquel Murillo who switched sides after falling in love with the Professor. Before all of this, however, Raquel was grappling with her recent separation from her husband, and aside from being one of the best hostage negotiators in the police department, she also had a daughter to think about. In her first line, she is seen helping her daughter, Paula, with her homework.

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The last quote Raquel, now Lisbon, delivers is a desperate plea to Sergio as they are running out of time and Tamayo has the whole gang except Sergio and Raquel at gunpoint, ready to be executed. Lisbon and Sergio take turns to reason with the inspector when Lisbon calls Sergio, fearing that they have ultimately failed.


“My name is Tokyo.”

“So that no one in the gang ever has to rob a bank again.”

Tokyo lying with her rifle in Money Heist Season 4.

As the narrator of the series, it made perfect sense for Tokyo to show up from the front row. Here, she is seen lying prostrate in grief in her tiny den after escaping the site of a bank robbery gone awry, leaving her boyfriend for dead. With this line, she begins to set up the premise of the show, telling the audience how she became the elusive professor’s first recruit.

Tokyo has the final say in the spectacle, even from the afterlife. She signs as the remaining members of the team manage to exit the Bank of Spain and board a plane in the dark after performing an incredible stunt. As the toughest of the bunch, Tokyo had a fitting ending on Money theft, although some characters deserved more.


“Talk to me.”

“A little treasure house.”

In its third part, the series introduced the intimidating Alicia Sierra who has become one of the most powerful characters in the series, on par with the Professor himself. When Alicia is first shown, she tortures Rio for information about the others after the success of their first heist. When Tamayo calls her to summon her as a negotiator for the Bank of Spain heist, she gives him her first dialogue.

Sierra is able to descend when the Professor holds the gold hostage and negotiates for the freedom of his team. She is last seen whispering the information about where the gold is to the professor, which she had managed to trace back to the little red house under which the son and ex – Berlin woman had hidden it. Her final line is a turnaround from the first in which she is set to appear as the chief antagonist in Seasons 3 and 4.

The teacher

“Excuse me, do you have a minute?” “

“What about gold?

Alvaro Dead as Professor in Money Heist Season 5 Part 2

The professor makes a rather low-key entry when seen driving behind Tokyo in the first episode and asks if she has a minute. He prevents her from falling into a trap set by the police and from that point on, Tokyo cannot dispel its curiosity about what the man is truly capable of.

His final line is apt as he asks Sierra about the gold as she is on the verge of being forgotten with her daughter. Always thinking, he does not approve of chauvinism. Like the mastermind behind the biggest heists Spain and the world have ever seen, he just needs to know where the gold is, thus sums up his personality perfectly in Money theft.

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