“More guns doesn’t equal more security” – Chicago Tribune


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My vote will count

I am for making all assault weapons illegal. We are not a free people if our schools, grocery stores, parade routes and cafes are turned into fortresses just to “feel” us safe. More weapons does not mean more security. And where does it stop? Then they’ll tell us it’s their Second Amendment right to have bazookas and dirty bombs. I will vote for politicians who promote gun control.

Parents should be responsible

Why did the parent sign for the alleged shooter to get guns? He threatened to kill himself and his family members. Parents should be responsible.

real americans

There are hundreds of episodes of “The Price is Right” to watch. There is only one United States of America. Thank you to the January 6 committee and the television stations that broadcast the hearings. Real Americans deserve the truth.

Follow-up required

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It was a little disconcerting to hear the non-stop fireworks on July 3 and 4 after the Waukegan police chief announced a crackdown. Apparently, the offenders lit the fuse with one hand while raising the middle finger with the other. There’s a lesson here – Don’t announce laws you don’t intend to enforce.

Tax gasoline

I agree that Illinois taxes are out of control, but I’d rather see county gas increased to make up the difference. At least it affects everyone since everyone drives and uses gas. Not everyone owns real estate, but they enjoy and use things that property taxes support like parks, schools, libraries, etc.

It’s so important

This is in response to the remark that the January 6 committee hearings should only be shown on cable channels. This is such a bad comment and point of view. These audiences are owned by public broadcasters and cable channels for all Americans to see if they want. The only reason they aren’t on a lot of cable channels is maybe it’s not making enough money, or because they’re supporting a political party instead of America and democracy. Many low-income seniors and other Americans don’t pay for cable because it’s so expensive. We depend on broadcast stations. We are just as important as the rest of America. Please keep these audiences on the broadcast channels so we can all see and hear them. Especially with the threat to our democracy. It’s so important.

Never been so vulnerable

I pray that we are not stupid like Ukraine, which banned guns for civilians and then begged for armed civilian men to fight the Russians. Ukraine is stuck looking for other countries to send them automatic and semi-automatic weapons. America is depleting our stockpiles of weapons, according to the Pentagon, to send them to Ukraine. If American leftists succeed in banning AR-15s and other semi-automatic weapons, we will also be at the mercy of other countries trying to defend our nation. What an opportune time for our enemies like China and Russia to attack and invade the United States when our weapons are exhausted. The number of military is also exhausted or meets to discuss appropriate pronouns. We have never been more vulnerable than we are now.


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