Nameplates Now Available for Army Green Service Uniform | Item


‘U.S. Army Sgt. Major Ashleigh Sykes, Army Uniform Policy Branch SGM, wears a nameplate, with his Army AGSU uniform, now authorized by army policy.
(Photo Credit: U.S. Army photo by Maj. Angel L. Tomko)


WASHINGTON — Soldiers can now wear a nameplate on their Army green service uniforms.

The Army approved the AGSU for everyday use in late 2018, but initially the nameplates were not authorized to be worn with the uniform.

The new nameplate is dark brown with taupe lettering, a matte finish and a beveled edge. Nameplates will be available for purchase from various authorized dealers.

Although this is a small update to AGSU, it will have a significant impact on soldiers and leaders, as the new nameplates will allow accents and hyphens, so names unique can be pronounced correctly.

“The Army has allowed diacritics and hyphens on nameplates as a way for soldiers to identify themselves,” said Sgt. Major Ashleigh Sykes, sergeant major for uniform policy at the U.S. Army Personnel Bureau (G-1). “We must honor soldier identities on all Army uniforms, which is why we are excited to release the new nameplate.”

Current black and white nameplates that are worn with the Army service uniform are not authorized for wear with the AGSU.

The AGSU nameplate is currently optional, but must be worn with the AGSU coat, long and short sleeve shirts, Eisenhower jacket, and Heritage 564 sweater by October 1, 2023. In addition, the nameplate will be required for dispensing at the unit’s central distribution facilities.

Soldiers still have until October 1, 2027 to acquire the ASGU uniform and replace the ASU as their service uniform.

For more information, please contact Maj. Angel Tomko, Army G-1 Public Affairs Officer at [email protected]



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