New Bedford Veterans Halfway House Seeking Appointments


Veterans are distinguished people who fought for our freedom and risked their lives, whether we understood or appreciated it. Today’s reality shows that many veterans struggle to adjust to normal life or become homeless after returning from service.

But like a port in the storm, the New Bedford Veterans Halfway House helps these Veterans by providing them with shelter, food, supervision, support and more.

“I am pleased to announce that we have opened an additional 30 units of permanent supportive housing for our veterans,” said Jim Reid, Executive Director of Veterans Transition House.

HTV has been helping Veterans for 26 years now and relies on fundraising to make it happen.

“We are looking for a veteran in the community who has contributed to veterans and veterans issues,” said Reid. But because of COVID-19, the HTV has been forced to scale back its annual Veteran of the Year event and scrap the annual awards lunch at Rachel’s Lakesider.

“This year, we hope to restart the full program on or around Veterans Day, Nov. 11, provided COVID does not increase,” Reid said.

He also noted that the HTV was able to show the public its new and improved location.

“Due to the pandemic, we have not yet been able to invite the general public, our donors, volunteers and friends to come and see the progress we have made,” said Reid. “In July, we moved to the new halfway house at 1060 Pleasant and the new Veterans Outreach Center, where we teach, at 1297 Purchase Street, just across the street.

“We also provide case managers, and we do recovery meetings, financial literacy classes, and transport vets to their medical appointments,” said Reid, who also drew attention to the risk of suicide. veterans and dealing with the realities of trauma. “At the end of the day, if you fight as a veteran, there is hope.”

The Board of Directors is once again seeking nominations for the Veteran of the Year award. The last day to submit your application has been extended until September 25. Justin Latini of the United States Navy was last year’s winner. Can you think of a veteran candidate you would like to nominate? More information is available on the Veterans Transition House website.

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