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New chapter, new season, new island. It also means that there will be a set of new weapons and items in Fortnite. Epic Games brings us a whole new set of never-before-seen weapons and items in this new chapter of Fortnitelife. Here’s everything you need to know about Fortnite The new weapons and items in Chapter 3.

Fortnite Chapter 3 New Weapons

Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 3 picks up a page from the Season 6 Chapter 2 book with the introduction of new weapons. Fortnite is generally known to introduce new weapons on a small scale. This cycle ended when FortniteThe primal season of ‘s began when the game introduced a variety of new weapons to the player base. Fast forward to Chapter 3, another set of new weapons are currently in play. Here is a complete list of all of them. Fortnite The new weapons of chapter 3:

  • Ranger assault rifle: Designed for medium and long range shots, this is the new default RA for Chapter 3
  • MK-7 assault rifle: Designed by The Seven and featuring a unique first-person red dot rifle scope for aiming down
  • Striker shotgun: A redesigned “pumpy” with high burst damage
  • Automatic hunting rifle: Requires quarters closer than the pumpy, but compensates with a faster rate of fire and improved reload time
  • Handgun pistol: The new default pistol for Chapter 3, Season 1 with high headshot damage at close range
  • Stinger SMG: A reliable option at short and medium range when facing players or their builds
  • Sniper Hunter Bolt-Action: Fires three fatal shots per clip, and a single hit on the target can bring players down

The most notable weapon on this list is the MK-7 assault rifle. This is due to the reason why this new weapon incorporates the red dot sight in the first person. This is a first for Fortnite to actually have another first person aim weapon besides the sniper. Honestly, the MK-7 looks like a weapon straight out of games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends. Most people say the gun is overkill right now, so we can expect some nerves soon.

Fortnite Chapter 3 New elements

In addition to all these new weapons, Chapter 3 also brings us more excitement with the introduction of new items. Here is a complete list of all the new articles in Fortnite Chapter 3:

  • Med-Mist: A healing spray that can be applied while running, and it also heals nearby allies
  • Guzzle Juice: A slow-acting healing item that, if given enough time, will eventually return your health to its peak
  • Tents: A new inventory item that lets you store loot for later turns
  • coffers: Locked loot caches that require at least two people to open, although the person with you doesn’t need to be your teammate or even a human player
  • Crowns of victory: An item that boosts the XP granted to the best players in a turn, making it a valuable target for others

Have new articles in Fortnite also means that players now have more options in the way they play. All of these new items provide new ways for players to strategize their approach to combat.

Fortnite Chapter 3 of Season 1 certainly didn’t disappoint the player base. There is just a lot of content to explore and discover especially now that we have a new map. By adding these new weapons and items to the mix, Fortnite definitely gave us a breath of fresh air.

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