‘Not-so-secret weapon’: Critics warn Trump, GOP planning 2024 Electoral College heist



Donald Trump calls the 2020 presidential election “the real big lie”, a crooked race directed against him by Democrats via “electoral irregularities and fraud on a massive and defining scale.” His critics accuse him of wasting voters, claiming he and his GOP loyalists are planning a heist in 2024.

While teasing another White House candidacy, Trump taunted Democrats on Sunday in a statement, saying – without providing any evidence – “that they cannot assert the facts in states such as Wisconsin, La Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, New Hampshire and others like New Mexico, where the Democratic Secretary of State changed election laws without legislative approval just before the election, making practically impossible the victory of the Republican presidential candidate. “

Trump’s critics warn that he and other Republicans are taking steps not to help voters stay healthy during a pandemic while voting, but rather to give the next GOP candidate a card without getting out of jail. The Republicans have reorganized the electoral campaign boards in Michigan. Candidates who espoused 2020 Trump-style fraud allegations have won races to become judges and election inspectors in Pennsylvania. And there are moves in Colorado and other potential swing states for Conservatives to apply for positions in key election offices.

Analysts and former officials warn of a scenario during a tight vote count in 2024 in which a senior official in the state of Georgia, or perhaps Arizona or Wisconsin, refuses to certify the apparent victory for the Democratic candidate’s electoral college there. That same state official would be handpicked for the time being by Trump and his loyalists. In this hypothetical – for now – future, Trump appears publicly shortly thereafter, declaring victory and promising revenge on anyone who opposes him when his second term begins in two months.

But outside of the Mar-a-Lago ballroom, a constitutional crisis is already developing.



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