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100 years old – December 29, 1921

Six men were arrested yesterday and 2,200 gallons of mash were destroyed by officers from this county and Ripley.

Secretary of State Charles U. Becker favored Senator Belken and Representative Farquhar of this county with the first copies sent to this section of the state as a Christmas present and our Senator and Representative are proud to show their first copies of the Missouri Centennial Blue Book issue.

The indications are that the soldiers’ bonus vouchers of fifteen million dollars will be insufficient to pay each serviceman $ 10 per month for their time in the service of the country. State officials estimate the shortage will be around five million.

One of the weddings that will take place locally during the holidays will be that of Miss Ruth Crowe, daughter of the Reverend and Mrs. HP Crowe, and Darwarn Johnson of Chicago.

Herman H. Hardt and Miss Alma G. Shetley were married early Christmas morning by Reverend JT Evitts.

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75 years old – December 26, 1946

There was no snow in or around Fredericktown this Christmas, but the spirit reigned as in the pre-war years. Merchants generally enjoyed the highest volume of business since the pre-war period.

Last Friday evening or early Saturday morning, the Economy Cigar Store had a quantity of jewelry and watches stolen when burglars smashed a glass in the store window.

Every effort is being made locally to ensure the establishment of a National Guard unit at Fredericktown. The American Legion, under the leadership of Commander FF Andriano, is trying to find housing for the unit or to interest enough businessmen in town to finance the construction of a quonset hut which would cost around $ 10,000.

Allen King, a member of the United States military, arrived home on Sunday evening to spend a fortnight’s leave with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis King.

50 years old – December 30, 1971

In Madison County, based on recent national local income and expense reports, the overall debt load is estimated at $ 2,956,000. The region’s debt level is $ 950 per family.

Barry Schmale won a 20-inch RCA color television console last night in a raffle sponsored by Retail Merchant’s Assn. His winning number was 239536.

It is virtually certain that no one will be recruited in January, officials of the selective service reported on Monday. One of the main reasons for the shallow draft is that the army was ordered to reduce its overall strength to 892,000 men in mid-1972. At the last report, the army totaled about 1,007,000 men.

25 years old – January 1, 1997

Christmas Christians spent their 11th year preparing and serving Christmas dinner in Madison County. This year, the 25-30 Good Samaritans gathered at the Madison County Senior Citizen Center around 8 a.m. When they were done, they served over 200 meals.

Under legislation that came into force on March 29, 1996, the payment of benefits under Social Security disability insurance and Supplementary Security Income (SSI) programs to people whose disability is based on drug addiction or alcoholism will cease on January 1, 1997.

Four people were injured Thursday when a 1984 Peterbilt semi-trailer struck the back of a 1991 Pontiac Minivan, making a right turn onto Highway 67 South.

The local Sonic Drive-in was recently named the winner of the second round of the third annual Dr. Pepper Super Sonic Games.


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