Osceola Sheriff needs internal investigation into shooting


The recent shooting involving a deputy in Osceola County has many people worried about what really happened in the Target parking lot, and there hasn’t been much response from the Osceola County Sheriff, Marco Lopez, aside from comments, “We do things are a little different here in Osceola County. He transferred full responsibility for providing information to the FDLE.

What is most alarming about this situation is that the sheriff has given no indication that an internal affairs investigation will be conducted into possible policy violations after the FDLE completes its investigation. There may have been a number of possible breaches of protocol by deputies and others. The Osceola Sheriff should take this matter further and immediately assign it to the Internal Affairs Section for investigation to show the citizens that he really cares.

Denis Warren Longwood

Dennis Warren retired from the Orange County Department of Corrections in 2013.

I need a better spam filter for emails from Marjorie Taylor Greene, Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump. As the election approaches, they all send out fundraising letters with greetings like, “Greetings, fellow patriot.” What a vague definition they have of the word “patriot”: politicians who lie about stolen elections, spread disinformation, peddle conspiracy theories and culture wars, while calling themselves patriots, are scams as old as time. .

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I am proud that today we are witnessing a true patriotism not seen since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Lend-Lease weapons program that helped European countries defend themselves against German invaders during World War II. At the head of the largest army in the world, Joe Biden has earned the title of patriot and the respect of freedom-loving democracies around the world. He oversees diplomacy, military operations, cyber system teams, communications teams, weapons trainers, logistics teams, defense contractors, and covert operations. It’s no small task and the world is grateful that Biden and his patriots have the backs of brave Ukrainians.

William Higgins New Smyrna Beach

On Friday, the Sentinel published two opposing ideas about education.

Osceola County is offering free tuition for Valencia College or technical school to this year’s high school graduates (“You can go to school for free”).

The other idea, voiced by letter writer Jim Mills, calls Joe Biden’s push for tuition debt forgiveness (“Problems are getting worse because of Biden’s liberal policies”) ).

Biden proposed free community college, including technical training, for all high school graduates, and college debt forgiveness. He understands that quality and pervasive education is necessary for a thriving democracy. Republicans, like Governor DeSantis, use education like a political football, regardless of the damage it causes.

James Weatherspoon Saint Cloud


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