Prime Minister awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, massacres and man-made famine


The longer a war lasts, the more difficult the prospects for peace. Moreover, keeping the peace is as difficult as establishing it, if not more.

To tackle the above issues, what is urgently needed is a clear path, accepted by all parties, towards ceasefires, peacebuilding talks, post-reconstruction. war and the fight against the massive human rights violations that have taken place over the past 11 months. , as argued in The Hindu.

A top-down peace would involve transparent talks between Ahmed and senior government officials with TPLF rebel leaders.

An ascending peace would require the establishment of a climate of trust between the Tigrayans and the other ethnic groups of Ethiopia, in particular the Oromos and the Amharas. After all, they are all Ethiopians.

An external intervention aimed at peace would require the mediation of African countries such as Ghana and Rwanda, which wish the resurgence of Africa as a strong economic and political unit of the world, reported The conversation.

Such countries would be better placed than the West to bring about peace, because they have a better understanding of the cultural aspects of civil war.

(With contributions from the United Nations, The Guardian, Reuters, Vox, BBC, Al Jazeera, The Hindu and The Conversation.)


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