PUBG: Battlegrounds 2022 roadmap revealed, new weapon and map on the way


The new development plan for PUBG: Battlegrounds is published and reveals the roadmap for gaming in 2022. This year’s updates serve as a celebration of PUBG’s fifth anniversary.

In the second quarter of 2022, the game will receive a new weapon, improved training mode, weapon balancing and Sanhok update. Q3 will bring a brand new map called Kiki, weapon balancing, and customization improvements to the game. Q4 will include an update for Kiki and revamp Vikendi.

As part of PUBG’s Q2 updates, Sanhok will be reworked to be more in line with his original form. Sanhok is one of the oldest stages in PUBG, and fans weren’t happy with how it was updated over the years. The developers have listened to the fans and plan to remove many features added to Sanhok.

A new 7.62mm Assault Rifle will be coming to PUBG as part of Q2 2022 updates. The new 7.62mm will have lower DPS than most other 7.62mm weapons but will be easier to control. The Q2 update will improve the practice mode, including quality of life updates like fast travel and custom matches. The developers intend to rebalance Paramo World to make it fairer for all players. The Paramo rebalance is called a sub-update and will incorporate improved terrain.

The PUBG 2022 roadmap reveals that the all-new Kiki map will finally hit the game in the third quarter of the year. Kiki is a futuristic scene full of tall modern buildings and exclusive new features. Players will be able to use airboats in certain parts of Kiki, and there are special areas called Ascenders that will allow players to quickly ascend or descend great distances. In Q3, there will also be a Weapon Mastery overhaul, increasing the maximum level of Weapon Mastery.

The developers are looking to release a remake of the Vikendi map in Q4 by updating the visuals and adding new core gameplay features. They also intend to overhaul Arcade Mode as there hasn’t been a major update since TDM. Kiki will also receive an update in Q4 2022.


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