“Ready Or Not” update adds new maps and weapons


The latest update for the tactical shooter Ready or Not includes new weapons, improved maps, additional modes and much more.

Void Interactive has released the first major content update for Ready or Not since entering early access late last year. The update removes placeholder voice lines for female NPCs and the table of contents. Agender voice lines will also be used for arrests.

The update also adds several new weapons to Ready or Not. A new customizable, magazine-fed pepper ball gun has been added. Two new Assault Rifles have also been added, the MK.16 5.56 and the SLR 47. Those who purchased the Support Edition will also be able to use the new BCM MK1, which has no stat advantage over other Assault Rifles. assault 5.56.

Three new test maps have been added to Ready or Not, which are a heavy work in progress. These are Valley, Fast Food and Penthouse. Existing maps have also received some updates. The Wenderly Hills Hotel now has three new modes and includes chef character models for NPCs. The map is also expanded, with the lobby and first floor areas now available.

213 Park homes has been updated with a new mode. The map has also been expanded, with a second house now included in the mission. Players will now be able to destroy lights and several adjustments have been made to sounds.

Other map updates are available in the patch notes.

Enemy AI has also been updated. Now suspects in Ready or Not will have a hesitation mechanic and their first three shots will have an accuracy penalty. Suspects will now avoid using booby trap doors that have been partially opened and fire shotguns more slowly.

A new door trap has also been added and the alarm tripwire will now alert suspects to the player’s location.

In other news, Anacrusis reached over 200,000 players in its first week on sale.


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