Red Skull Used The MCU’s New Weapon Against Wolverine


In one of the darker futures of the Marvel Universe, Red Skull becomes the owner of the mighty Ebon Blade, using it to try and kill Wolverine.

While Mark Millar Old Man Logan and its villain-ruled wasteland is one of the darkest alternate futures of the multiverse in Marvel Comics, it was made even darker when red skull revealed to be the last owner of the Ebony Blade. Not only was it part of the disturbing collection of skull relics that once belonged to fallen heroes, but he also tried to kill Wolverine with the dark and mighty sword. Additionally, the Ebon Blade still has a dark past in this alternate timeline as in the primary universe of Earth-616, used in the Super Villains’ takeover of the United States.

During the Super Villains Takeover, the Avengers were betrayed by the Thunderbolts in Las Vegas who were secretly led by Baron Zemo. During the massacre, the witch Morgana Le Fay used her magical abilities to take the Ebony Blade from its traditional owner Dane Whitman, the Dark Knight. Using the mighty sword to decapitate Tigra, the Ebony Blade was then used to kill Whitman himself when Atlas picked him up and stabbed him with it. The Ebony Blade is then part of the collection of the new President Skull.


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Years later, when Old Man Logan decided to become a hero again following Hawkeye’s death, Old Man Wolverine managed to enter the Red Skull’s inner sanctum when his agents thought Logan was dead after the death. to have slaughtered. Finding out that was not the case in Wolverine #72 (Old Man Logan Part 7) by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, Red Skull wielded the Ebony Blade against Wolverine as the two fought to the death. While their duel would ultimately be Red Skull’s last, the fact that he died wielding the darkest sword in the Marvel Universe is certainly a testament to his accomplishments as a supervillain in that dark future (while also wearing the remnants of Captain America’s mask).


Given the recent retcons of the Ebon Blade in Marvel Comics where it effectively became the opposite of Thor’s hammer, it makes sense that Red Skull would be drawn to the sword and its dark power, seeing how the blade reacts to darkness in the heart of its wearer. While Dane Whitman has long sought to control and guide the power of the sword for good, Red Skull has no such inhibitions. However, the sword likely remained mounted for years, given that nearly every hero in the Marvel Universe had been killed or corrupted in this dark alternate future.

In any case, it seems that Red Skull and the Ebony Blade were no match for Wolverine wielding Captain America’s shield, another relic from the Skull collection. While Red Skull no longer believed that Logan had the courage to kill within him, Wolverine proved him wrong by decapitating the skull with Steve Rogers’ shield. While the Ebony Blade likely remained in the wreckage of the Oval Office after Wolverine’s explosion, the red skull was definitely one of his darkest wearers, which probably meant he was one of the most fitting given his own dark nature in Marvel Comics.

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