Return of Iron Man’s Civil War Tech Hints Marvel Fixes 1 Glaring Mistake


Iron Man’s Captain America: Civil War tech will return in a new MCU project, which will fix Marvel’s mistake in handling Tony Stark’s legacy.

Return of Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) Captain America: Civil War hints that Marvel Studios is finally correcting their Tony Stark mistake. It’s been over three years since the MCU’s inaugural hero completed his arc in Avengers: Endgame. Since then, Marvel Studios has focused on rebuilding the franchise and setting up the multiverse saga. It focused on second generation characters as they now become the new faces of the universe while introducing new players.


In order to effectively set up the Multiverse Saga, Marvel Studios must actively part ways with the Infinity Saga, including its high-profile cast members like Iron Man. However, due to Tony Stark’s massive influence in the franchise since its inception via Iron Man in 2008, it’s hard to approach new narratives without addressing the genius, billionaire’s ongoing impact on the universe. This created several issues, including the tarnishing of Iron Man’s legacy when Stark Industries was not involved in the events of Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Ms. Marvel despite Stark’s ties to the later adventures of Peter Parker (Tom Holland) and Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani), respectively.

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Thankfully, it looks like Marvel Studios is finally reversing its stance on incorporating Iron Man into the multiverse saga. Stark’s Augmented Binary Retro-Framing or BARF has been spotted on the set of an upcoming MCU project. Presented as a therapeutic technology, it allows the user to confront his past trauma as he did when he relived the last day he spent with his parents. Given his limited appearance in the franchise, it’s hard to gauge which upcoming MCU movie or show BARF will appear in. Still, the fact that Marvel Studios is even bringing the tech back is a good indication that they’re now actively bringing Iron Man and his legacy into the multiverse saga in a good way. Ignoring his continued impact in the MCU not only created plot holes, but also ruined the character’s legacy.

How BARF can factor into the MCU’s multiverse saga

It’s unclear exactly how BARF will factor into the multiverse saga that ends in two avengers movies. The set image doesn’t even reveal the entire project it was spotted on. Nonetheless, there are only two Marvel Studios shows that are currently filming. First, the Hawk Eye spin off, Echo. Since the BARF is primarily used as a therapeutic device, it’s possible it could be used to help Maya Lopez (Alaqua Cox) come to terms with her traumatic past, similar to how Stark did in Captain America: Civil War. Otherwise, it could also be used as a creative way to do flashbacks. Stone heart is also currently in production in Atlanta right now. The upcoming Disney+ series has a direct Tony Stark connection as it debuts Iron Man’s true MCU replacement – Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne). Since genius, the billionaire Avenger presented BARF at MIT in Captain America: Civil War – the same school she attends, there’s a chance she got her hands on tech.

Whichever way Marvel Studios intends to use Captain America: Civil War‘s BARF in the multiverse saga, most importantly it sends a message that the MCU is no longer trying to ignore Iron Man’s legacy. While it’s understandable that the franchise doesn’t want to dwell on Tony Stark and his story, pretending that it no longer impacts his storytelling just doesn’t work. There are ways to both honor and recognize Iron Man’s continued influence on the MCU without letting his legacy dictate his stories.

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