Samuel L. Jackson Mad Nick Fury Wasn’t In Captain America: Civil War


When Captain America: Civil War was released in theaters in 2016, a question came to mind for many fans: where was Nick Fury? Among those wondering was the very actor who portrayed Fury himself, Samuel L. Jackson.

Captain America: Civil War centered around a conflict between the Avengers, with only a handful of members sitting out the drama. While it makes sense that Thor and Hulk wouldn’t make an appearance because they were off-planet, there was no explanation why the former leader of SHIELD wasn’t present.


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During a recent roundtable for The Hollywood Reporter with fellow Marvel actors, including Jackson, Brian Cox, Tom Hiddleston, Oscar Isaac and Michael Keaton, Jackson expressed both frustration and confusion that Fury, who was the one who introduced the OG Avengers to everyone. other in the first place, was not there for the internal struggle between the heroes six years ago. “The initial film was to introduce these people to who they are and what are the things they can do,” Jackson said. “Now that’s how they interact and they’re not all nice.Captain America 🙂 Civil war because I’m like, ‘How could the kids have a fight and Nick Fury doesn’t show up?’ Like, ‘What’s going on here? Everyone go to your room. But they didn’t need me for that. They did, but they didn’t.” Tom Hiddleston then added that his character, Loki, wasn’t in the movie either.

One possible reason Fury wasn’t included was that there was no need for him. Fury is more of a spy than a superhero. There’s no reason for him to have any interest in the fight. Perhaps if the film’s conflict was primarily about the Sokovia Accords more than anything else, perhaps Fury could have played a role, but it wasn’t. The conflict revolved around Captain America trying to protect his friend from the punishment he ultimately didn’t deserve because of the crimes he was forced to commit. Also, knowing the Hydra personnel who were still there, it was in Fury’s interest to keep a low profile.

Plot-wise, including Fury may also have been seen as overdoing it. The film originally included Spider-Man for the sole reason of introducing the most popular comic book hero to the cinematic universe, as they knew that was what fans finally wanted to see. Trying to incorporate that along with a subplot regarding Fury might have been too much. At the time, Captain America: Civil War was the most ambitious crossover Marvel Studios had ever done, so if there were any characters they didn’t have to include in the movie, they didn’t include them. Fury didn’t have to be in the movie, so they didn’t put him in.

Still, they could have at least explained why he wasn’t there. Considering that Marvel Studios took a lot of interest in spinoffs and prequels, fans would love to see what else happened when the Avengers fell apart as a team. Maybe Marvel could do a series about Fury and Maria Hill taking down undercover Hydra agents in SHIELD after they were exposed due to the events that happened during Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Marvel Studios extracts every possible element from its characters. Why not try something like this?

Captain America: Civil War can currently be streamed on Disney Plus.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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