Savage Avengers Art Reveals The Brutal Weapons Of Marvel’s Deadly New Team


The new team of Marvel’s most brutal heroes show off their deadly weapons and updated looks in two new Savage Avengers variant sleeves.

As a whole new and totally different team from savage avengers get ready to join forces, two new cover art variations have surfaced, revealing the brutal weaponry of Marvel’s deadliest superhero team. The new Savage Avengers consists of some of the most hardcore characters in the Marvel Universe, including Weapon H, Anit-Venom, Black Knight, Cloak and Dagger, Black Knight, Elektra’s Daredevil and, of course, the team leader himself, Conan the Barbarian. . This latest iteration of the Savage Avengers is formed after the time-traveling cyborg Deathlok comes after Conan and the Cimmerian convince these heroes/anti-heroes to join him in his quest for survival. Based on the weapons featured on these variant covers, Deathlok doesn’t stand a chance.


This new version of savage avengers comes after the original series ended late last year with the series ending with Conan being sent back to his original Hyborian era period. While the first savage avengers The series gave Conan a clean reset in terms of established continuity, it seems Marvel’s main timeline isn’t over with him yet.

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In one Tweeter by Daredevil, account shared two savage avengers #1 variant covers created by artists Jan Bazaldua and Kaare Andrews. Although the two are very different with their own unique styles, both covers share one fundamental similarity: weaponry. On the front cover of Bazaldua, Conan, Daredevil, and Black Knight swing their blades in epic fashion as they display their preferred method of brutal combat. Meanwhile, Weapon H and Anti-Venom reveal their gnarled claws with implied murderous intent, and even the series’ supposed antagonist, Deathlok, shows off his futuristic weaponry while aiming his high-tech firearms. Andrews’ next variant cover shows off these characters’ weapons in an equally epic fashion, but with the inclusion of Dagger. In the first image, Dagger held back without any obvious weapons to speak of, but on the cover of the second variation, Dagger manifested light blades and wielded them as if they were claws.

While every Savage Avengers character on both covers has also shown off their murderous prowess, one member of the team literally stands above the rest. On the two covers of Bazaldua and Andrews respectively, Anti-Venom is depicted as being just as huge as Weapon H, the Wolverine/Hulk hybrid. In the past, Anti-Venom has been drawn with a much more slender frame rather than the hulking beast seen here.

Not only are the weapons of the Savage Avengers on full display, but the heroes themselves look more intimidating than ever with Anti-Venom being the most obvious example. Of them savage avengers Variant #1 covers created by artists Jan Bazaldua and Kaare Andrews reveal the brutal weaponry of Marvel’s deadliest new team, as well as updated looks for some of the savages themselves.

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Source: Twitter/Daredevil

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