Several weapon and ability nerfs arrive in the 30th anniversary patch



  • Shatterdive and other abilities are nerfed in the new patch
  • The Vex Mythoclast will be tuned to be less oppressive
  • Adrenaline Junkie will likely receive a buff

Another drastic meta change could be on the horizon as Bungie revealed plans to nerf a few weapons and abilities in the upcoming anniversary patch in December.

Among the first future victims of the upcoming patch is the Shatterdive of the Revenant subclass, which has been terrorizing the Crucible for months. Bungie’s sandbox discipline leader Kevin Yanes previously confirmed Shatterdive’s nerf in a Tweeter, where he also said other abilities were toned down to promote the shooter.

Yanes didn’t specify what other abilities are nerfed with Shatterdive, but it’s likely that skills like the Warlock’s wearable Supernova and the Titan’s sprint charge abilities will be impacted by the sweep ability nerf.

Bungie’s decision to push for a heavier crucible over the use of real weapons also translates into a number of balance changes for the weapons themselves. Senior community manager dmg04 has announced that the popular Vex Mythoclast automatic linear fusion rifle will be downgraded a notch in the next update.

The weapon will not be “nerfed to the ground”, but it will receive enough changes to make it less oppressive in PvP. Fans are wondering if these changes will be exclusive to Crucible or not, as the power of the Vex Mythoclast in PvE activities is mostly attributed to the seasonal Particle Deconstructor mod.

Nerfing the Vex Mythoclast due to an external power surge was deemed unfair by the community, but Bungie has yet to say what changes are being considered.

So far, only the Vex Mythoclast will be nerfed in the next patch. However, the weapon changes don’t stop there. Bungie has told players to hang on to their weapons that have Adrenaline Junkie, as the Perk is expected to receive some big changes over the next few months.

Adrenaline Junkie is often overlooked by the player base because he needs grenade kills to activate. Outside of the PvE grenade versions, this perk was too difficult to trigger. It looks like Bungie has found a way to make Adrenaline Junkie more useful across the board, but players will have to wait for more news as Bungie has yet to reveal the extent of the changes.

The exotic fusion rifle Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2 Photo: Bungie


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