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Unlike most games, which fade from the forefront of public consciousness over time, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim has been part of the gaming landscape since its debut in 2011. Over those 11 years, successive remasters, builds, and ports have all helped keep Bethesda’s release in the spotlight. the most recent of which, Skyrim Anniversary Edition, ensures that the game is even accessible on PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Whether fans are new to the game or returning veterans, it’s important to master the deep RPG mechanics that define the experience.


Survive the epic fantasy adventure that Bethesda has built Skyrim around relies heavily on the weapons and armor players can discover and craft. While the game’s longevity ensures that memorable pieces have been added to the experience over the years, the set named after the show’s demonic villains is arguably the most iconic. Daedric armor and weapons are not only instantly recognizable by their inhuman appearance, they are also some of the most powerful items there are. Requiring the Physical Heart of a Daedra and a large amount of Ebon Ingots to craft ensures that it’s important for players to know what to prioritize.

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S-level Daedric Items

A dragon fighting Daedra Warrior

It’s easy to imagine when Bethesda designed the Daedric weapons and armor of Skyrim, in addition to aiming to make the whole elegant, characteristics such as power and resilience were at the heart of the process. When it comes to weaponry, no melee-based Daedric tool embodies these ideals as perfectly as the greatsword in the set. With a base damage output of 24 and a weight of only 23, players will struggle to build a more devastating weapon.

Ancient Scrolls The series is renowned for its role-playing potential, which is why the Daedric set has a stealth option in the form of his Bow and Arrow suit. Offering a lighter but still powerful alternative, the fact that the bow and greatsword both share an impressive resale value of 2500 gold ensures the pair is an S-tier match made in heaven.

On the armor side, the Daedric set is arguably the coolest in the game aesthetically, so much so that it activates a 10% Intimidate buff when fully equipped. It is also by far the best heavy armor in Skyrim with an overall armor rating of 144, and can be crafted with a Smithing skill of 90. Individually, torso-covering Daedric armor and helmet pieces are the choice of the party, providing 72 base defenses together, while being the most immediately recognizable. collection items.

A-level Daedric Items

Daedric Battle Ax in Skyrim

Based on damage dealt, the Daedric Battleaxe and Warhammer are the two hardest hitting weapons in the set, at a base 25 and 27 respectively. However, their increased weight means that both are much more difficult to use effectively in Skyrim, compared to the Daedric Greatsword. The Warhammer alone weighs a heavy encumbrance rating of 31, which can make it difficult to find in-game situations up close and personal combat won’t expose players to attack. Both are undeniably powerful weapons, provided players are prepared to develop a character’s skills almost exclusively around them.

In comparison, the Daedric Sword is almost the complete opposite thanks to an encumbrance rating of just 16 and a base damage output of 14. This lower damage rating is more than offset by the faster rotation speed of the weapon, relatively cheap crafting requirements, and versatility. . It’s easier to imagine a Daedric sword becoming a staple of multiple playstyles early in the game. Skyrim, then remaining a reliable ally until late game. Pairing the Daedric Sword with the set’s shield is also a solid option for players less invested in magic. With an armor rating of 36, it’s hard to find a better shield to craft in the game.

Level B Daedric Items

Daedric weapons and armor are some of the best in Skyrim
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Much like the Warhammer and Battleaxe, the Daedric Mace and War Ax are effective tools that are overshadowed by their lighter sword-based cousins. Unlike the aforementioned demonic weapons, the damage spread between mace, hatchet and sword is much lower. Two points of damage separate the three weapons, which means it’s hard to recommend one or the other over the cheaper Daedric Sword. That is, unless a player is wedded to its admittedly impressive otherworldly designs.

Daedric boots and gauntlets complement the armor pieces in the set. Although they are an integral part of the outfit from an aesthetic point of view, both end up at level B because they only offer 18 points of protection each.

C-level Daedric Items

skyrim daedric dagger enhanced via exploit

Because of the fact that SkyrimDaedric weapons and armor are so massive that it’s a bit unfair to say the set has a low point. Technically speaking though, that distinction belongs to the Daedric Dagger. Even though the Knife costs a single Ebon Ingot less than the Daedric Sword to craft and only does a few base points of damage below that, the benefits of the other items in the set make it harder to recommend.

With a resale value of only 500 gold, it is also much more profitable to invest a little more in something else for better results. Assassins drawn to a melee-based alternative to the Daedric Bow would do well to seek out one of the Skyriminstead, the quirky Daedric artifacts.

Skyrim is now available for PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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