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As I mentioned earlier, I am giving away my three books as last minute and relatively inexpensive Christmas gifts. I ran little stories from them.

So, putting an end to my brazen self-promotion efforts, here is a story from my third book, “Smiley and Friends”. It is titled “Lonesome in Acadiana:”

A gentleman visiting a small Cajun village noticed a huge Catholic church in the center of town, occupying the entire block.

As he continued his walk, he saw a one-room frame building on a very small lot, with a sign saying “First Church”.

He saw a man mowing the small lawn and asked him, “Where is the pastor?”

– It’s me, said the reaper.

“Which denomination is your church?” Asked the visitor.

The preacher smirked and said, “What would you like?

The big tree blues

“In the 1960s my family moved to a much bigger house,” says Jennifer Wood of Baton Rouge.

“The first Christmas there, when mom realized the tree was overshadowed by higher ceilings, she loaded us into the station wagon to get another tree.

“No, she didn’t swap one for the other: she bought a bigger one and tied the two trees!”

“Later my arms ached from the hanging silver ice cubes. She bought all the boxes available at a nearby drugstore. It was a fat, shiny tree.”

Cats Against Trees

When I was single and living in a duplex in Spanish Town, my neighbors Shelley and Maybeth asked me if I wanted their Christmas tree. It looks like their huge Maine Coon cat knocked it over, and they figured the cat and the tree couldn’t coexist.

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I turned out to be a giant tree, way too big for my rather small living room. But I piled it up, helped by Katherine, my girlfriend who lived nearby (soon to be Lady Katherine, my wife).

The tree covered part of the front door, so you had to squeeze your way into the house.

But we decorated it and enjoyed our “monster tree”.

When we got married and Lady K’s cat moved in with us, we had to give up the tradition of the Christmas tree.

Special Persons Department

  • Mattie Lee Jarrell of Baton Rouge celebrates her 104th birthday on December 25. She has been on the Board of Trustees of Mount Calvary Baptist Church for over 83 years and continues to serve.
  • Bettie Dyson of Baton Rouge celebrates her 95th birthday on Tuesday, December 21.
  • Evelyn Duhon, from Lafayette, celebrates her 92nd birthday on Friday December 17th. A retired teacher, she makes woven wool rugs.
  • Pete Curcio, from Brusly, celebrates his 92nd birthday on Saturday December 18th.
  • James “Jimmie” Billeaud, from Broussard, celebrates his 92nd birthday on Sunday December 19th.
  • Kenneth and Glenda Dunnaway Sullivan, of Greenwell Springs, celebrate their 64th wedding anniversary on Monday, December 20.
  • Pat and John Reynolds, of Avondale, celebrate their 60th birthday on December 30.
  • Bob and Glynn McCullough Martin, of Lawrenceville, Ga., Celebrate their 58th birthday on December 28.
  • Emmett and Dodie Irwin, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary Wednesday, December 22.

On holiday

As usual, I’m leaving for a few days for my well-deserved vacation (stop whining, it’s my first vacation since Mardi Gras).

Lady Katherine and I will be spending the holidays at Bubba’s Exxon, Motel & Bait Shop in Back Brusly, where preparations are already underway for the holidays.

Bubba donned these vintage Christmas lights he bought at a garage sale, and they only caused a few small electrical fires, which were easily brought under control.

Sweet Loretta, Nutria Lounge’s new bartender, is so into the party that she has wrapped colorful twinkling lights around her ankle monitor.

And Bubba’s chef, Large Marge, is busy making salads and desserts from his new cookbook, “100 Magic Jelly Recipes”.

Bubba says this year’s input will be provided by T-Boy, Marge’s deputy, and the main press. He drew his shotgun into the woods, promising to bring back some meat.

When Bubba told me that the T-Boy hunt was successful, I asked, “So what have we got? Wild meat ? Wild turkey? Wild pig ?

Bubba replied, “Roast beef – but keep quiet about it.”

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