Snyder’s Most Exciting Army For The Future Of The Dead Isn’t The Time Loop


The most exciting future tease from Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead isn’t the time loop; they are portals to other dimensions that could show the origin of the zombies.

The theory that Zack Snyder’s central characters army of the dead Zombie movies being stuck in a time loop is exciting, but what Snyder teased for the movie’s sequel – portals to other dimensions – is far more exciting. The 2021 Netflix film that follows Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward leading a cast on a casino heist in a zombie-overrun Las Vegas has spawned long-running and believability. army of the dead the time loop theory which states that the movie involves its characters going through what is just the latest iteration of a mission they have performed over and over again. While Zack Snyder has publicly lent credence to this theory, implying that it may have been part of his original master plan, he has also teased what the future holds in the sequel, planet of the dead.


In an interview about army of thieves (the prequel movie that came out five months after army of the dead), Snyder was asked about the destination of his zombie movie universe. He said (via Variety), “I think time loops, portals, doorways to other realms, things of that nature, are very much in play. So all of these clues that Dieter gives us are integral to how we continue to develop the Army of the Dead universe.” It’s an exciting tease, but not for the reason some might expect.

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Zack Snyder’s talk about portals in the army of the dead the universe opens the floodgates of possibilities for the franchise. Snyder also said his groundbreaking zombie films were “unprecedented” because they constitute “a cinematic universe where the cinematic part is at the forefront. Deconstructing the different genres is actually part of the way.” Snyder has already shattered the standard zombie apocalypse survival movie with his heist story. Endless possibilities open up for him now as he opens doors to other realms.

Why Another Dimension Is Better Than A Time Loop For Army Of The Dead

If Snyder really intends to make his zombie films for people who want to have fun with traditional genre definitions and deconstruct said genres, including portals in his next movie is the way to go. If he only looks at time loops planet of the dead, it risks limiting the scriptwriting potential of the franchise. This story potential already includes the possibility of benevolent extraterrestrials in army of the dead. Snyder publicly speculated (via The Unprophet Podcast) that since his version of Area 51 includes “a mural that looks like JFK shaking hands with an alien,” aliens in army of the dead universe are not harmful and may be the key to saving humanity from zombies. Portals could play a role in human-alien contact in future movies, whether those movies depict the past or the future.

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas, an animated spinoff of the film’s prequel series, is set to show the origins of the zombie virus. This may also explain the reverence Ludwig Dieter had for the Götterdämmerung, the casino safe he called “a doorway to another realm.” There is a range of pathways that following army of the dead could tap into, but only time will tell where Zack Snyder’s zombie portals will take audiences.


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