Spanish unions ‘ready for war’ against SAS plans for primary care


Spanish unions have said they are “ready for war” against SAS plans for primary care.

The union representatives of health workers in the province are on a “war footing” to strike. The Strategic Plan for Primary Care that the Andalusian Health Service (SAS) recently presented to the sectoral table proposes a reorganization of assistance in health centers which, according to the unions, “has nothing to do with reality ”.

Without having been able to arbitrate in the negotiation of the various measures included in the plan, the spokespersons of the unions in Seville declared the “disappointing” solution proposed by the Junta de Andalucía to the situation facing primary care in the province and health. Sevillian. , in total, with a “deficit of 150 professionals” and “24% less pediatricians”, coupled with “endless” waiting lists in hospitals.

For the Seville Medical Union, this plan “includes data which, at least, has been ‘baked’ to provide an idyllic picture of primary care, which in their opinion is completely removed from reality.”

The president of Sevillian doctors, Rafael Ojeda, denounced the “distorted” image presented by the SAS of the current situation of medical care in health centers.

“We are told about 36 to 38 appointments per doctor in a day when in reality we see 60 or 70 patients per day; we hear about a telephone consultation time of less than five days and less than four in person and we all know that a patient takes three or four days just to get an appointment and when they get it, the Most of the time it’s over the phone and for 10 or 15 days later it’s not believable.

“All primary care doctors and patients who come to health centers know that SAS is lying,” a union spokesperson said.

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