Star Wars: 10 TV characters Palpatine would be friends with


Where most of the Sith before him failed, Emperor Palpatine succeeded in gaining control of the galaxy through lies, manipulation, and power. Darth Sidious has few close connections in the Star wars universe, not to mention its alliances within the Empire. But if he ventured beyond the Star wars universe or if characters from other TV shows ventured into, who would Palpatine bond with?

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Of course, a suspension of disbelief is required – not for Palpatine’s powers or any of the fantastic elements of Star Wars – but that a man as cunning, ruthless and manipulative as Palpatine would ever have “friends” (especially in his job).

ten Wilson Fisk and his vast criminal empire


Wilson Fisk and Palpatine approach their goals in many similar ways. As a wealthy businessman, Fisk claims to build a better Hell’s Kitchen, despite being also the one who destroyed it in the first place with crime, poverty, and property damage.

Palpatine constructed a similar ruse. He acted as Supreme Chancellor and apparently worked in the best interests of the Republic, while also waging a galactic war on both sides. Both have used false facades to gain the masses and respect for others, while also being the secret cause of the major problems that the masses face in the first place.

9 “Hello … Newman.” “Hello … Palpatine.”

seinfeld newman

Many apprentices served under Darth Sidious, throughout his rise to power and reign over the Empire. Those he selects in apprenticeship share similar qualities, whether it is their thirst for power and vengeance or their fascination with the dark side of the Force.

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Jerry Seinfeld once described his rival, Newman, as “sheer evil”. Newman uses every opportunity to humiliate Jerry or make his life more difficult. Viewers might argue that Newman is motivated by hate and revenge – qualities Palpatine would look for in an apprentice. Newman may even volunteer to serve Sidious (if that meant Jerry’s downfall).

8 Cersei Lannister, Sovereign of the Seven Kingdoms

Cersei loves the show

Cersei rose to power in the Seven Kingdoms by lying, manipulating, and betraying anyone she could to achieve that power. Palpatine’s power has been acquired through similar means and the two share many interests and tactics. If they joined forces, they would surely betray each other. In that regard, Cersei would make a good Sith.

Cersei and Palpatine also share similar weaknesses. These include their arrogance and overconfidence in themselves and their plans, as well as their underestimation of their enemies, both of which lead to their downfall.

seven The endless army of the Night King recalls the clones

The Night King is raising more warriors in Game of Thrones

Palpatine controlled the Federation of Commerce and, by extension, their endless army of droids. He then manipulated the Jedi and the Republic into using an endless clone army. The seemingly endless army of White Walkers of the Night King in Game of thrones would surely appeal to the Emperor.

As the supreme leader of the Army of the Dead, the Night King would prove to be a powerful ally of Palpatine, especially as his army would grow with each new victim he claims. The Army of the Dead would also be a more cost effective way to wipe out worlds compared to building a new Death Star every 30 years or so.

6 Lord Zedd does not play games

Lord Zedd in his lunar palace in Mighty Morphin

Rita Repulsa acted as the main Power Ranger antagonist at the start of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but his villainous presence was often undermined by his awkward entourage and comedic defeats. The series got a bit darker after the introduction of Lord Zedd.

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On the surface alone, Zedd was threatening and bossy. He wore a menacing presence and was firmly determined to defeat the Power Rangers. Zedd and Palpatine share similar lusts for power and visions of their defeated enemies. Zedd can already shoot lightning from his hands, so his candidacy for Sith carries more weight behind it.

5 Megatron, Supreme Leader of the Decepticons

The technology that Megatron and the Decepticons possess would fit perfectly into the technologically wonderful world of Star wars. With Megatron alongside Palpatine, the Droid Army and even General Grievous himself could receive massive upgrades to their arsenal.

The two could also share the secrets of their profession. Megatron could trade the nature of the Transformers while Sidious could divulge secrets of ancient Sith technology that could be applied to the Transformers. With their shared technologies and aligned galactic conquest goals, the two could become an unstoppable force.

4 Commander Cobra and his terrorist organization

Cobra Commander Comic Book

While Palpatine has unlimited military resources across the Empire, a good mercenary, bounty hunter, or assassin is hard to come by. Fortunately, Cobra Commander has them in abundance in his Cobra organization. Like those who follow the Sith, Cobra Commander recruits people with similar goals by promising them what they want. In return, he demands eternal loyalty to his cause.

Cobra Commander is ruthless and controlling in his quest for more power, but he doesn’t hide it. His blatant evil deeds would please Palpatine, who would be happy to find someone as mean as him.

3 Señor Chang and his ambitions for power

Chang returns from the dead

Community‘s Ben Chang, who was once a Spanish teacher at Greendale College, lost his job due to lies and manipulation regarding his previous work experience. He later adopted several evil plans to take control of the entire school. He turned it into a dictatorship, held the previous dean captive and encouraged rebellions to form.

Many of Chang’s tendencies and ambitions are similar to Palpatine’s, albeit on a much smaller scale. Therefore, Chang would see Palpatine as a potential idol – able to succeed through her lies and the growth of her power.

2 Kilgrave, the master of manipulation


Palpatine’s manipulative spirit is fully visible throughout the Star Wars prequel trilogy, especially when orchestrating plans with Dooku or rocking Anakin to the dark side. No matter how tactical his mind might be, his Force strength was never strong enough to completely corrupt those with strong minds.

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On the contrary, Kilgrave possesses complete mind control. Anyone is sensitive to his whims as long as he hears his orders. the Jessica jones Season 1 villain proved just how powerful and scary someone with mind control can be. Therefore, it is a power that would draw Palpatine to him.

1 Much in common with the evil Hordak

Viewers might assume that in the He-man universe, Skeletor was the meanest and most evil person in Eternia. However, Skeletor had a master named Hordak. Hordak commanded the Evil Horde before being imprisoned by his former pupil. Hordak is extremely powerful and eventually breaks free from his dimensional prison, seeking revenge on Skeletor and the Masters of the Universe.

Hordak betrayed by an old student seems familiar to Palpatine betrayed by his apprentice, Darth Vader. Additionally, Horde and Palpatine share many goals and ambitions with stories that reflect somewhat. The Jedi and Masters of the Universe would have quite a challenge if they became friends.

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