Stardew Valley: All Types of Weapons, Explained



Valley of stars is a lovely little farming simulation – but it has its combat elements. In caves like the Mines, Skull Cavern, and Volcano Dungeon, dangerous monsters lurk and players who go there should be prepared to protect themselves. This is where the weapons of the game come in.

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There are four different types of weapons in Stardew Valley, each with its own unique attributes. Players can find these weapons in treasure chests during their caving expeditions, or they can purchase them from the Adventurers Guild. Each type corresponds to a different style of play, so players are encouraged to try each of them and determine what works best for them.



infinity blade

This is probably the first type of weapon players will encounter in Stardew Valley. Upon entering the mines for the first time, Adventist Guild Marlon will hand the player a rusty sword to defend themselves while they dig for treasure. It is also the most common type of weapon in the game, with 24 different options. These guns tend to have a fairly quick swing and a decent range, making them a well-balanced choice.

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All melee weapons in Valley of stars have a secondary attack, which can be executed with a double click. The secondary attack of a sword puts the player in a defensive position, dealing damage to enemies and negating damage to the player. This stance will also repel flying enemies like bats and snakes.


crystal dagger

Daggers have the disadvantage of having a fairly short range; thus, players have to get close to the monsters to damage them with a dagger. Rather than swinging like a sword or club, the dagger attack animation shows the weapon soaring forward, only targeting the square in front of the player. Despite their limited range, daggers are the fastest weapons in the game, making them a good choice for players with quick reflexes.

When using his special attack, the player stab with their dagger several times in quick succession. This makes the daggers useful when fighting against very mobile monsters, as the player can quickly deal a large amount of damage.


dragon tooth club

Clubs tend to be slower than most other types of weapons. However, they make up for this with their high damage and long melee range, as well as their ability to repel enemies far enough. They work well for players who can skillfully time their strikes.

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When using his secondary attack, the player will use the club to strike the ground in front of him. This causes an area of ​​effect attack, dealing damage in a radius around the player and inflicting strong knockback to affected enemies. Alternatively, if the player right-clicks immediately after the left click, they will inflict multiple attacks in quick succession.


master slingshot

Slingshots are the least common weapon in Valley of stars, with only two types available in the game. These are also the most complex to use. While melee weapons simply involve clicking a button to hit the enemy, slingshots require players to hold, aim and shoot. Unlike melee weapons, slingshots do not have a secondary attack.

To use a slingshot, the player must first load them with ammo. The type of ammo determines the damage a slingshot will do. Players can use fruits and vegetables (although they do very little damage), explosive ammo, or various types of ore. The most damaging ammo is Iridium Ore, dealing 25-101 damage with the Slingshot and 50-202 with the Master Slingshot.

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