Student brings gun to school in Carrollton Township


CARROLLTON TWP, MI – When a Carrollton Public Schools student brought a gun to class this morning, his classmates and staff acted quickly to ensure no harm was done and the potential threat was deftly addressed. neutralized.

On Tuesday, May 17, a student arrived at a school with a weapon other than a firearm, Acting Superintendent Jill Wrzesinski said. She declined to specify the type of weapon, the student’s age or gender, or the school the student attended.

“It was reported by a student,” Wrzesinski said. “A teacher was immediately able to retrieve the (armed) student. The administration got involved, as did our school resource officer.

No assault took place and no one was hurt, Wrzesinski said.

Wrzesinski said district policies for students bringing a weapon to school will be strictly followed, though she couldn’t specify what the discipline might entail. the school manual says students who bring “any item that can reasonably be considered a weapon” may face consequences involving contact with police and parents, up to 10 days of suspension and a disciplinary hearing to determine further punishment .

Wrzesinski added that very few students were directly affected by the situation, but the parents of all those who were had been contacted. She added that an email had been sent to all the parents informing them of the case.

“We are grateful to the students who reported the issue immediately, so school staff can take prompt action to ensure safety,” the email reads. “Law enforcement is involved in the situation and the principal has contacted the parents of students who were directly affected by the incident.”

Speaking to MLive, Wrzesinski said the student who reported the weapon behaved exactly as he should have.

“They saw something dangerous, reported it and we were able to defuse the situation very quickly,” she said. “It was handled, in my opinion, exactly as it should have been by our administrators.”

Schools were not closed because of how quickly the student who brought the gun was detained by an adult, Wrzesinski said.

MLive could not reach Carrollton Township Police Chief Craig A. Oatten for additional comment.

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