Superman’s New Weapon Gives Him A MAJOR Power Upgrade


DC’s Action Comics #1046 by writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Fico Ossio sees Superman getting a new weapon that comes with a major power upgrade.

The following contains spoilers for action comics #1046, on sale now from DC.

DC action comics #1046 equips Superman with a major power upgrade as he continues his battle on Warworld.

action comics #1046 comes from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson, artist Fico Ossio, colorist Lee Loughridge, and letterer Dave Sharpe. In the issue, Superman remains helpless on Warworld but still fights to free the planet’s inhabitants from Mongul’s cruel rule. After saving Kryl-Ux’s life by battling the monstrous Byla, Superman encounters the Fire of Olgrun, who appears to him in the form of a human child. The two joke around for a while before coming across a divine figure who calls himself “the shadow” of Olgrun. Superman and the Character clash, as the Character does not believe Superman is worthy of being Olgrun’s heir.

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The figure makes a move to destroy Olgrun’s fire, causing Superman to intervene and save the child’s life. The child then reveals that he can control the figure and it was a test to see if Superman is truly worthy of fire. After successfully passing with flying colors, the child declares the Man of Steel a “worthy Soulbearer of Olgrun”. Transforming into a small sword that Superman can wield, the child tells Superman, “His fire is yours now. Take it into your flesh, and you will be stronger than ever. A GOD in form and purpose. But keep it against those who would take it from you… And against the madness that has taken its master.”

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Now ready for his final battle against Mongul, Superman moves on to come face to face with Kryl-Ux once again. Kryl-Ux oddly tells Superman to put the fire back on, only for Mongul to come out of the shadows. “Give me Olgrun’s fire,” Mongul told him. “…Or I will kill these larvae right before your eyes.”

superman goes home

Superman’s journey to Warworld comes to an end on August 30 with Superman Warworld Apocalypse #1. After the climactic ending, Superman will return to Earth to reunite with Lois Lane, Jon Kent, and the rest of the DC Universe. A six-part crossover “Kal-El Returns” will play its return in the pages of action comics #1047-49 and Superman: Son of Kal-El #17-19, both of which lead to the historic 1050th issue of action comics.

action comics #1046 features a cover by Lucio Parrillo and a variant cover by Lee Bermejo and Stanley “Artgerm” Lau. The issue is on sale now from DC.

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