The American “Civil War”: The Real Virus in Our Media and Political Culture


America is stupid.

America is run by fools.

American civilization is heading for the crapper.

American democracy is on the brink of extinction.

America is heading for civil war.


The latter sentiment, which was trending on Twitter, was treated like a megaphone based on one person’s thoughts.

It would be Lori Levi, a Trump supporter who was interviewed by an MSNBC reporter during her weekend rally in Iowa.

She said the settlement guys in both sides don’t care about the American people because “they’re in their elite little tower. So we’re just fed up, you know, and we’re not going anymore. Endure it. I see a civil war coming. I do. “MSNBC was playing the clip again yesterday.

How is it that this interview with a man on the streets got 67,000 initial retweets, as Newsweek noted, and sparked a lot of criticism from Donald Trump’s MAGA movement?

There is a thriving media market for apocalyptic statements of an impending civil war, as if part of it relates to the Fort Sumter fire. Also for various pessimistic proclamations about America’s collective low IQ, flirtation with fascism and surrender to socialism.

In a deafening media culture, it takes more extremist rhetoric to break through. But what is happening is deeper and more disturbing. While some of these plays are fueled by genuine concern about the country’s fate, it is primarily an extension of our ideological warfare.

You know the players. On the one hand, outraged liberals and disgruntled Republicans warning that Trumpism is destroying the country and that its attempt to steal the last election will surely be successful in 2024.

On the other hand, conservatives and Trumpists are sounding the alarm that Joe Biden is unfit for office, has already ruined the country and is burying the American way of life.

Aren’t we all a little tired of this?

Not a normal political debate, not the Trump arguments against Biden, but the hatred, anger and demonization that has so plagued our speech?

The title of Jonah Goldberg’s latest column at the Dispatch: “Grow up, everyone. It is not a way to save democracy.

He writes that our political culture “has led many journalists to become party activists by proxy. best case for itself.


“Because Congress is dysfunctional and parties are institutionally weak, large swathes of the media – as well as coalition-aligned institutions like, say, the NRA and Planned Parenthood – become de facto party bodies when the need is perceived. is felt. Parties used to educate and organize voters. Now those jobs have been contracted out to allegedly non-partisan agents who are anything but non-partisan. ”

For many liberal pundits, Goldberg says, “to criticize Biden is to lend aid and comfort to an authoritarian threat.”

Pass through the specter of liberal Washington Post columnist Gene Robinson, whose latest headline is “How Can a Nation Be Dumb and Survive?”

Supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump challenging the results of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election arrive for a rally on the Ellipse outside the White House January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Alex Edelman / AFP) (Photo by ALEX EDELMAN / AFP via Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

He asks, “Why is the news dominated by ridiculous controversies that shouldn’t be controversial at all?” When have so many of our fellow citizens become full-fledged nihilists who even deny the concept of objective reality?

What started Robinson was the crazy battle for the debt ceiling: “The credit rating of the planet’s biggest economic superpower has already been lowered because of this ritual every few years, and every time. as we stage the absurd melodrama, we risk a miscalculation that sends us over the fiscal cliff. Today’s political tribalism of trench warfare makes this danger greater than ever. A smart and reasonable Congress would eliminate the debt ceiling once and for all. Our Congress is neither. “

And then it moves on to a crowd booing Lindsey Graham for suggesting they might want to get vaccinated – this debate being a classic example of how unnecessary polarization costs lives that could be saved.


This is the world we live in. While journalists who wage partisan war reap all kinds of rewards, those who do not take sides are often dismissed as church-worshiping weaklings on both sides, rather than recognized for trying to be fair.

I suspect there are a lot of other people who are tired of extremist rhetoric, but their views are just drowned out as too boring.


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