The Ascension: 10 Best Weapons, Ranked


Player’s choice regarding firepower in Ascension is really on another level. Not only are there five categories of weapons to choose from, but there are also twenty-nine weapons in total for which to unleash the power of the Indent. Choosing a single weapon depends on many factors, such as character build, player preferences, and the desired effect. Some may want to focus on a single utility weapon, while others may want something more versatile.

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Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough upgrade parts in the game to max out a bunch of different weapons in the end. In fact, even after collecting every treasure on every map, there are barely enough coins to maximize two. And with just two weapon slots, that means choosing the right weapon is of the utmost importance. Here are the most worthy candidates to be selected for player loading.

ten ER Chrome Perforator

The Ascension shoots an enemy with the ER Chrome perforator

There are only two precision weapons in the game and frankly both options are disappointing. Repairing their garbage damage could be one of the first of many fixes Ascension Needs.

But between the two precision weapons, there is no competition. The ER Chrome Pounder deals more damage per second and deals energy damage, which means it’s even better against fearsome robotic units. Future snipers will want to consider this and only this weapon.

9 P1 Protector Gun

The Ascent firing the first shot with the Protector P1 pistol

There is nothing extraordinary about the P1 protective gun. It looks basic, fires single shots, deals ballistic damage, and behaves like an average pistol in all respects with one very important exception.

The damage per second is about five to six times higher than any other handgun. Beginners make a lot of mistakes when learning the game, but if they accidentally invest too many points in a handgun, they won’t regret it as long as it is the P1 Protector pistol.

8 ES4 eraser

The Ascension pulling the ES4 gum at a group of enemies

Shotguns are a great secondary weapon when opponents get too overwhelming. Being able to switch to something that erases them comes in handy for virtually all versions. The ES4 Eraser is the best shotgun, doing roughly double the damage of its competition.

He also deals that coveted energy damage, taking down tough robotic units with ease. Once players get familiar with upgrading weapons, this shotgun is a smart and safe choice thanks to the number of bases it covers.

7 Magmamaker

Ascension ignites enemies with the Magmamaker

The gaming community has figured out how to fix many of the game’s major bugs, but they hope the developers never figure out the “bug” with the Magmamaker. If it works as expected, it’s actually pretty impressive.

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This flamethrower immediately deals massive damage, in addition to igniting enemies, virtually melting anyone who approaches. Perhaps the damage on both fronts was intentional, making up for the slowness associated with the use of heavy weapons. If so, the extra damage is a bit heavy.

6 Astrosmasher

Astrosmasher's Ascent Landing Repeater Rockets

There is a love / hate relationship that players have for Ascension and nothing perfectly captures this dynamic like the Astrosmasher. Players hate how heavy weapons slow down withdrawal, but they can’t challenge the damage.

Statistically the damage seems low, but the weapon plays differently than the stats imply. It fires rockets faster and faster when the trigger is held down, so in the end the damage is really out of the chain. Oh, and it’s a rocket firing minigun. Awesome.

5 BC7 disintegrator

Right off the bat, he’s the second-biggest damage dealer in the game in raw numbers (the first will come later). Take into account that this damage is energy and that means mechanical units will drop like flies. Their cohorts will do no better.

It’s a minigun, which means it’s bulky and slow to transport, yes, but when enemies die so quickly it’s hard to find many instances where it will be necessary to run quickly to get down to it. shelter.

4 besieging

Ascension detonates an enemy with the besieger

Over-cocking in the game tends to be very cumbersome for the player’s movement. In many battles, being slowed down by a minigun or flamethrower will result in death.

The Besieger is a complete upgrade to the base RPG23 launcher (which is already pretty awesome). The area of ​​effect damage will take out enemies, and the imprint will still be able to move fairly well.

3 EBR executor

Ascent Firing Homing bursts from EBR Enforcer

Machine guns are the bread and butter of The Ascent, allowing maximum movement of the player and allowing them to clear clip after clip against enemy assaults. Most of these machine guns behave like clones, but the EBR Enforcer is pleasantly different.

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Aside from the energy damage that ruins the machine’s opponents, this pistol fires in three rounds bursts. This shooting mode combines the need to aim well and the need to pump several shots perfectly. And if that’s not enough, it has the second highest damage in the game for all machine guns.

2 The deal breaker

Ascension mowing down enemies in a line with the Dealbreaker

Officially, no weapon deals more damage than the Dealbreaker because, without any upgrades, it’s the only weapon that deals four-digit damage per second. There are a few asterisks to add.

It is a minigun, so it will slow down the movement considerably. And it shoots in a shotgun style cone, so that DPS probably takes into account the landing of the entire cone. But it’s still amazing because anything near at a distance signs its own death warrant, so quick escapades aren’t really necessary.

1 RA Overwhelmer

Ascent Landing A triple-digit strike with the Overwhelmer

It’s like someone has decided that when they are making the game there should be one weapon that has all the perks. If this is true, the AR Overwhelmer was the recipient of this idea.

It’s a machine gun, so it gets all the usual benefits of mobility, range, and fire speed. But on top of that, he gets the best damage per second, fire damage, and explosive damage. So not only is the damage ridiculous, but it also damages enemies in an area. He’s the best dog and unless a major patch happens he won’t be relinquishing his throne anytime soon.

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