The Batman: Riddler’s Weapon Exposes Gotham’s Class Divide


Batman is known as the world’s greatest detective, but a missed clue from Riddler proves that Bruce Wayne’s rich upbringing limits the Dark Knight’s skills.

The Batman has strong messages about class division, with the main driver of The Riddler being the injustice within Gotham City. Despite Bruce Wayne’s tragic upbringing, it is pointed out that he had it much easier than the other orphans in town. While that doesn’t give Riddler the right to target Bruce, he’s right that the billionaire can’t fully understand their struggles. And that’s only made clearer with The Riddler’s choice of the murder weapon.

The opening sees The Riddler bludgeoning the elected mayor with a carpet tucker, a simple tool used to clean the edges of carpets. As with everything The Riddler does, the weapon gives a clue to his overall purpose, as his ultimate plan is hidden under the carpet in his apartment. Which, unfortunately, is only discovered by Batman when it’s too late.

After The Riddler allows himself to be captured, his home is found in a filthy apartment complex. The police and Batman all search high and low for clues, but only a locked computer and envelope are found. Until now, Batman has been on top of every puzzle, often solving them the moment they’re found. But he fails to piece together the tapestry, until he takes a second look at the apartment later that night.

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Paul Dano as The Riddler in The Batman

With a failed interrogation from The Riddler, Batman sneaks into the crime scene. The only other person there is a cop, who reluctantly lets him look around. Batman examines the murder weapon again, confused as to what it is. The cop casually reveals that it is a tucker, which he saw because his father worked with carpets. This is where Bruce puts two and two together and pulls the rug back to find the whole Riddler plan.

Batman would have completely missed this clue if it weren’t for the son of a working man, as his life of privilege kept him away from that job, even something as simple as decorating the house. And Bruce pays the price for his ignorance, as they discover the computer’s password and the plan to flood Gotham City – with no time to stop it.

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Gil Colson from The Batman

And this isn’t the first time Bruce has faced class division, as he uncovers all the corruption within the Gotham City Police Department. And even during the mayor’s funeral, a stranger explains to Bruce why he deserved to die, mentioning that the mayor was a criminal. Not only does this stranger give Bruce a sense of how the people of Gotham feel, but he also turns out to be one of Riddler’s henchmen by the end of the film.

With the film focusing on Batman’s early crime-fighting beginnings, there’s still a lot for him to learn. In the end, he realizes he should be seen as Gotham’s hero, and not just a vengeful man. But he still needs to understand more about ordinary people’s lives if he wants to help them and break away from the clumsy billionaire that he is.

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