The best weapons and gear to get first in PUBG


Picking the right gear and weapons early in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds can make players’ survival and victory much more likely.

There are plenty of equipment and weapons available to find around each map in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but it can be difficult to determine which elements are the best. In addition to weapons and gear, players also need to consider where they initially land, how close to the blue zone, and where their opponents need to win a match. As a battle royale, PUBG can only be won by being the last player standing, so having high level gear and weapons makes this easier.

Before players can start looting buildings, they will need to choose a good landing spot in PUBG. The best places to land are the less crowded places that still have buildings to search. The best gear and weapons will likely be found at popular landing spots, like the military base on the Erangel 2051 map in PUBG. However, these areas can be difficult to access or survive, so players should aim for abandoned locations when starting out.


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The best weapons to pick up first will depend on the style of the player and what weapons they are comfortable using. Players can test their weapons and hone their skills in practice mode to PUBG. Once players understand how to use each weapon type, they will be able to win matches with any weapon, and it will be much easier to loot useful weapons and ammo. With sufficient training completed, players can head into a match and use their abilities to locate equipment and weapons, and eventually win the game.

Best loot to find early in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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There are a few good weapon and gear options for players at the start of a game. PUBG match, and they can be found in almost any location. Players will have to search for loot inside, so they should land somewhere on the PUBG map near a small town or group of buildings. To start, players should find a level three helmet as soon as possible as it will prevent them from dying from a blow to the head. Players should also look for a tier two or three backpack so they can carry everything they’ll need to win, and a military vest for extra protection. Medical supplies are also a necessity as players will need to heal between firefights. Finally, players will need to look for decent weapons to start with.

Some of the best weapons to use in PUBG can be found quite early in the game if players are lucky with where they land. Loot is random for each match, so players will have to rely on a bit of luck, but if they can find an M416, S1897, MP5k, or Kar98k, they should be well off at the start of the match. The next thing players need to focus on after getting some decent weapons is finding attachments for them. Reducing recoil or adding a scope can significantly increase a player’s chance of winning a firefight in PUBG.

Sometimes players will find attachments for guns before they have the weapon they belong to, but it is recommended that players collect them anyway. Finding the weapon later will help players gain an immediate advantage when latching onto attachments they find first. After collecting recommended gear, weapons, and attachments, players can focus on taking down the competition. Players can win a match by PUBG by looting the right gear and weapons from various buildings early in the game.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia, and PC, and a mobile version is available for Android and iOS.

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