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There are many amazing and unique weapons waiting to be discovered in Far cry 6. However, the real stars of the series are the usual weapons in the game. Indeed, the open world action shooter has a robust and in-depth leveling system designed to work for the player.

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Best weapons in Far Cry 6

As a result, the best weapons are the most flexible in terms of customization, and many players may be surprised that many of the best weapons can be obtained at Rank 1 at the start of the game. This guide does not focus on the unique weapons found. in Yara because their restrictive nature does not allow them to be modified. Instead, it focuses on some of the best regular weapons that create a perfect loadout in Far cry 6.

MBP .50 sniper rifle

MBP 50 starting statistics

  • Purchased from guerrilla garrisons

The best sniper rifle in Far cry 6 is MBP 0.50. He is able to take down enemies with a single hit when upgraded with weapon modifications, whether it is headshot or not. It’s a powerful weapon that will help players who take a stealthy approach, but it’s also useful for taking on helicopters and armored vehicles.

To get the .50 MBP, the player will need to get it from a guerrilla garrison. This is being built in one of Yara’s three main camps. These camps are Montero Farm in Madrugada, Camp Maximas in Valle D Oro and Patriota’s Peak in El Este. Once the guerrilla garrison is built, the weapon can be purchased when Dani has reached Rank 4.

Compound bow

Far Cry 6 Compound Bow

  • Purchased from the guerrilla garrison

The Compound Bow is Rambo’s ultimate weapon as it functions as both perfect stealth tool and as a weapon capable of firing projectiles capable of eliminating armored vehicles. It’s tweaked to be precise enough to get easy headshots at enemies without making noise or alerting hordes of soldiers to Dani’s presence.

However, when we add Explode arrows, Dani can destroy powerful vehicles like helicopters and armored personnel carriers. They are also great for detonating anti-aircraft guns, destroying propaganda, and taking out multiple targets at once.

Rifle – MS16 S

The MS16 S Tier 1 rifle

  • Bought from Juan’s arms dealers

At rank 1, the MS16 S and its MS16 L variant are available very early in the game and can be obtained on the first island. It is a weapon that has become a staple for many players due to its versatility when modified.

With the right scopes attached to the pistol and armor-piercing cartridges, the MS16 can become a very powerful weapon. With a good muffler attached too, it can work very well as a 15-round mid-range sniper rifle.

Rifle – SSGP-58

Rank 4 SSGP-58 rifle

  • Purchased from Juan arms dealers and guerrilla garrisons

The MS16 S will serve the player well for a long time in the game, but at Rank 4 the SSGP-58 Assault Rifle is the only upgrade they will need. With the right modifications, its accuracy makes it one of the deadliest weapons in Far cry 6.

As its accuracy is already at a high level, fixing a compensator will improve handling and recoil. In addition, it is very effective when adding Explosion towers in the mix if one wants an effective weapon against dangerous vehicles like helicopters.



  • Purchased from guerrilla garrisons and arms dealers in Juan

The MP7 is the best SMG in Far cry 6 and can be purchased from the arms dealers in Juan or from the vendor of a Guerrilla Garrison found in any of Yara’s three main base camps. It’s a great weapon when things get chaotic if or when the stealth approach has failed.

The fast rate of fire and good maneuverability make it a must-have for dangerous shootouts. Its damage can be increased with mods but attach Gut-Wrencher mod will mean players won’t have to worry about hitting precise shots as it increases the damage dealt to the body.

The M9 pistol

The M9 Tier 1 pistol

  • Purchased from guerrilla garrisons and arms dealers in Juan

It may not seem like it at first glance, but the M9 handgun is one of the most multipurpose weapons in the game. This is one of the first weapons Dani will get his hands on and, with the proper modifications, will serve the player well until the end of the game.

Attach the gun with Armor-Rounds, a silencer and the micro-flex sight and the M9 becomes one of the deadliest stealth weapons in the game. Getting a headshot is the name of the game so Attaching the Headshot Supremo will contribute to a faster recharge of the Supremo pack.

Far cry 6 is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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