Top 10 TTRPGs for Star Wars Fans


The release of star wars, later given the retronym Episode IV – A New Hope, in 1977 coincided almost exactly with the advent of modern role-playing games. The sci-fi game Traveler also came out in 1977, and since then people have been making up their own characters and stories in galaxies far, far away.

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In the decades that followed, there were several official licenses star wars RPG from Wizards of the Coast as well as Fantasy Flight Games. These Games Are Fantastic, But They’re Far From The Only Ways To Scratch This star wars itch. star wars has had a huge impact on the modern sci-fi landscape, and there are dozens of indie RPGs out there that will no doubt appeal to star wars Fans.

ten Sean Gomes’ Uncharted Worlds Has Faction Politics As Well As Violent Combat

uncharted worlds cover

First published in 2015, Uncharted Worlds is a game Powered by the Apocalypse by Sean Gomes. It eschews traditional PbtA playbooks in favor of a more customizable career system, with players choosing two careers and one origin to flesh out their character’s abilities. He names Mass Effect and Farscape as his biggest influences, but it’s not hard to see any star wars DNA through the game’s rules and artwork. It also has a robust faction and debt system, allowing for complicated spatial politics. A second edition is currently in development.

9 Riley Rethal’s Galactic 2e is a collaborative storytelling masterpiece

galactic 2nd cover photo

The second edition of Riley Rethal galactic 2nd was released on May 4, or Star Wars Day, 2021. It uses the Belonging Outside Belonging system, a GM-free story system that uses a token trading economy instead of dice.

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It tells the story of “the rebellion, relationships and war between the stars”. Each player controls not only their character but also an aspect of the world. galactic 2nd’The release of s was accompanied by a community design jam which produced tons of additional content.

8 Scum & Villainy by Stras Acimovic and John LeBoeuf-Little is all about heists

This game, based on the setting introduced in John Harper’s blades in the dark, follows a team of smugglers, bounty hunters or rebels as they struggle under or against the powerful hegemony. Scum and meanness features fast-paced gameplay with plenty of opportunities for non-chronological storytelling, as players can activate flashbacks or reveal hidden pieces of gear. He wears his star wars influence on his sleeve, but takes just as much Dunes and star trek to create a full-fledged sci-fi setting ready to be explored.

seven Rebel Scum is light and passionate

rebel scum rpg kickstarter cover

Rebel Scum: an anti-fascist space opera proudly claims both its aesthetic inspirations and its political claim. It pits a crew of rebels against the Killstar Republik, a thinly veiled analogue of the Empire. It uses a unique dice system called the Polymorph system, which uses varying dice sizes and target numbers for each stat to create great variety between playbooks. The art direction of the book is designed to evoke the classic star wars action figures, and the character sheet is modeled after the toy packaging.

6 Satellite / Primary by Blake Stone is small, silent and tragic

satellite primary rpg sleeve

fans of Star Wars’ quieter times will find something beautiful in satellite / primary. It is a two-player letter-writing game where players send letters, texts, or chat messages back and forth to tell the story. The characters are lovers separated by light years of space, each tasked with watching a “world-killing horror” approach their galaxy. It’s a deeply personal game, inviting players to place themselves in a very vulnerable position.

5 P0rthos47’s Space Aces is as light as it gets

space aces rpg cover

ace of space bills itself as a “no-prep, no-rules sci-fi RPG”. It seeks to blend the emergent storytelling of PbtA games with the danger of Old School Rennaissance, or OSR, games. Anyone who is intimidated by seeing massive tomes in the RPG section of their local game store can rest easy, because Space Aces: The Original Sheets fits on a single business card. One side contains the character sheet and rules, while the other features an amazingly detailed mission generator.

4 Impulse Drive by Adrian Thoen is robust and environmentally friendly

Pulse training is a sci-fi system Powered by the Apocalypse “about making a living on the fringes of civilized space”. While Uncharted Worlds avoids the traditional PbtA playbook system, Impulse To drive make full use of it.

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It features highly evocative playbook archetypes that cover all of the classic terrain star wars fans would expect. The Scoundrel is “an unlucky trickster”, while The Mystic is “a wise religious figure or member of an ancient order of knights”.

3 Takuma Okada’s Alone Among The Stars is perfect for solo play

rpg cover alone among the stars

Sometimes it can be difficult to get a full party together for an RPG night. Alone among the stars provides an opportunity to sit down and play alone through a sci-fi story. It uses a standard deck of cards, a six-sided die, and a small set of rules to generate wonderful alien planets to explore, and encourages the player to record their experiences in their “logbook”, preferably a small notebook. There are many other variations on this theme, such as Alone in the old town or the collaborative Together among the stars.

2 Bad Quail Games’ Ghost Orbit follows the galaxy’s grumpy workers

Ghost Orbit RPG Cover

Fans of another sci-fi franchise will feel right at home in Phantom Orbitbecause this game is inspired a lot by Extraterrestrial. But the clunky technology, harsh world, and strange alien threats of Phantom Orbit will also satisfy star wars fans who love the rough edges the galaxy has to offer.

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The rules are written as if they were the in-universe document welcoming new recruits to the “Industrial Workers of the World Spacer’s Union”, an organization representing space workers in their dives into gigantic shipwrecks. and unknown space stations.

1 Orbital Blues By SoulMuppet Publishing talks about the Sad Cowboys

Orbital blues motel billboard

star wars has a wide range of influences, but among them is the western. This facet of star wars has been spotlighted in recent years with shows like The Mandalorian and The Boba Fett Book, and Orbital Blues is a perfect way to capture that feeling. It places a cast of intergalactic cowboys and outlaws in a world of “hyper-capitalism and cutthroat gig economy”. It features a beautifully retro aesthetic and encourages each character to have a dedicated theme song.

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