Trump lost the presidential battle but won the immigration war



Let no one question the Biden administration’s commitment to recycling. When it comes to immigrants and refugees, many of its policies are failed retreads that still carry the stench of its predecessor.

If former President Donald Trump is thirsty for justification, that will be fine. In a familiar pattern, Biden does the wrong thing because it’s easier. The false and easy thing is to bring back, on Monday, the absurdly misnamed migrant protection protocols – more commonly known as the “Stay in Mexico” policy.

Trump pushed the policy, devised by Stephen Miller, to wash his hands of the refugee crisis on our southern border. The idea was this: let Mexico take care of it. There, no surprise. Americans always look to Mexicans to do their dirty work.

So naturally, Trump – whose Mar-A-Lago complex in Palm Beach was arrested for hiring illegal immigrants – figured he could give Mexico the messy task of dealing with the congregated masses asking for the status of refugee in the United States while their case is working. their way through immigration courts.

Keep in mind that the entire American system is rigged against asylum seekers. Typically, only one in four asylum seekers will get the golden ticket that will allow them to start a new life in the United States. The other three get one-way tickets to return to the countries of origin from which they fled. No one gets free passes.

But what those who ask for the protective mantle of this very famous immigrant nation should be granted, at a minimum, some basic decency and common courtesy. Imagine you are in a foreign country and rush to a United States Embassy with bad guys on your trail. And while your passports are checked, embassy staff keep you waiting outside building?!

Sadly, as we have seen time and time again, Trump is not very good at decency or courtesy. And so, for the first time in US history, a president has essentially outsourced part of the asylum process. In 2019, Trump struck a deal with Mexico to essentially take care of thousands of migrants pending the outcome of U.S. immigration procedures. More than 60,000 of these migrants, most of whom came from Central America, found themselves in dangerous and unsanitary encampments across the US-Mexico border. There, according to human rights organizations, these people suffered kidnappings, rapes and torture. There are even allegations that some migrants were killed, presumably by other migrants.

It’s no wonder that while campaigning for president, Biden – who was then making a tough sell to present himself to Latinos, the pro-immigrant left and other progressives as a softer, gentler alternative to Trump – used the “Stay in Mexico” policy to contrast.

“It is the first president in the history of the United States of America who [said] anyone seeking asylum has to do so in another country, ”Biden said during a debate. “This has never happened before in America… They sit in misery across the river.”

Biden promised to end the program if he was elected president, and that is exactly what he did shortly after taking the oath. Now he’s set to bring him back, supposedly in response to a court ruling, though administration officials continue to oppose it. politics as an inherently flawed politics that does more harm than good.

So, Team Biden, who says they are rushing to find a way to dismantle Remain in Mexico at the same time they rush to put it back, is he throwing in the towel or continuing the fight?

Both, he seems to be saying. The conflicting messages from this two-step Texas are terribly confusing, especially for immigration activists who are starting to feel pushed around by a president they’ve helped put in place.

The administration adds to the confusion by pretending to be the good guys at it all, insisting it had no choice but to reinstate the “Stay in Mexico” policy.

They are not so eager to talk about how the White House is looking to make the most of the program it says it wants to actively end expansion that can be sent back across the border.

Under Biden, those who stay in Mexico could include anyone from the Western Hemisphere other than Mexico. Under Trump, the only people eligible to be returned to Mexico were Brazilians and those from Spanish-speaking countries. Think of Biden’s plan as “Stay in Mexico More. “

The reason for the change is not a mystery. The new language of the recently reinstated policy aims to allow US border officials to park Haitians in Mexico, which did not happen under Trump, given that thousands of Haitian migrants flocked to the US border earlier this year. year.

Bullshit is seriously infuriating. The bogus liberals of the Biden administration give in to cruelty and act with cruel indifference to thousands of desperate souls around the world who have no more options. Then, rather than admitting what they’re doing and why, their first instinct is to be dishonest about it all in order to appear more progressive than they actually are.

After all, a chaotic immigration system could cost Democrats control of the House and Senate in the 2022 midterm election. Americans are done with immigrants. These are difficult days. So, even more than usual, people feel selfish and unhelpful. Just in time for the holiday season, they are turning in on themselves. With rising gas and food prices and renewed concerns about the health and economic impact of another variant of COVID, we are once again raising the drawbridge.

For many Americans, this withdrawal from the world is timely. Another migrant caravan is reportedly en route from South America to the US-Mexico border. He could be there in several weeks.

So, once again, the Biden administration is doing the politically convenient thing. And, as they catch fire from true progressives who feel they’ve been lying and manipulated, Biden officials shamefully hide behind a Federal Court ruling.

In August, U.S. District Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk ordered the Biden administration to restart the “Stay in Mexico” program because it had failed to notify states that the program was drawing to a close. The judge’s order came into effect shortly thereafter. In recent months, the White House has negotiated with Mexico and made plans to restart the program.

As any freshman law student would tell you, the judge’s order isn’t the last word. Or at least it shouldn’t be. This is why the founders created the American courts of appeal. If properly reasoned, the administration could challenge the judge’s order or try to break the deadlock with a creative refinement of the original policy.

But who wants all of this to happen as the mid-term approaches? Not Democrats, that’s for sure.

Politics. That’s all it’s about. That’s all it was ever about.

This was true back when the Trump administration first concocted the inhuman idea of ​​harboring thousands of future refugees south of the US-Mexico border, even though it put those people in danger. And it’s true now that the Biden administration is not only picking up where Trump left off, but, worse yet, expanding the agenda to include a whole new group of people the White House wants to get rid of.

And to think of it, thousands of people are still clamoring to enter this country. They should not have a good overview of the politicians who run it.



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