Ukrainian army attacks Kherson bridges and destroys Russian bases in Melitopol


Another successful attack by the Ukrainian army against strategically important bridges in Kherson was carried out last night, Sunday August 7 – destroying the military bases of the Russian occupiers in Melitopol.

Ukrainian armed forces attacked the Antoniv and Kakhov bridges, confirmed Natalya Humenyuk, spokeswoman for the southern defense forces.

“The mastery of the shots, which we had been holding for several days in this direction, was fine-tuned,” she said. “We managed to hit the Antonivsky and Kakhovsky bridges.”

As a result of an attack by the Ukrainian army, the Russians lost 24 servicemen, a T-62 tank, five units of armored car equipment and an ammunition warehouse.

At the same time, in Melitopol, Kherson region, Ukrainian troops using multiple HIMARS rocket launchers destroyed equipment and killed more than 100 Russian occupants, according to preliminary estimates released by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov confirmed that the Ukrainian military hit Russian temporary deployment points at industrial sites in various areas of Melitopol with high-precision missiles.

“Last week, the occupiers redeployed a significant part of the air defense forces from Melitopol to Kherson,” he said. “The most effective attack was carried out tonight and showed that the existing enemy air defense units could not withstand HIMARS. The weakening of the Russian air defense system creates the necessary prerequisites for a successful counter-offensive towards Melitopol.

Ukraine is waging a fierce counter-offensive to regain control of territories such as Kherson, which are currently under Russian occupation.

Widely shared on social media over the weekend, footage showing the withdrawal of Russian troops from military points in Kherson dealt a blow to President Putin, allegedly influencing the dictator’s decision to fire at least six generals and send reinforcements in the Kherson region from Crimea. .

On July 27, Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov said that “the enemy is concentrating the maximum forces in the south, a powerful movement of Russian troops has begun in the direction of Kherson, they are concentrating additional forces.I know that our troops will do everything in their power to meet the deadlines set by the President for the deoccupation of the region.

Danilov also noted that the effectiveness of supplying arms to Ukraine is now “very strong”, with Ukrainian defenders using Western supplies to successfully attack sites such as the Antonov Bridge in Kherson.

The latest attacks on Kherson’s bridges have made it more difficult for Russian forces to concentrate troops in the area.


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