Ukrainian civilian soldiers unfamiliar with weapons are trained by a Tempe company


We’ve heard countless stories of people and businesses doing what they can to help Ukraine in its fight against the violent invasion of Russiaand one temple the company helps train the country in its fight.

Ukraine entering the war had a massive army by European standards, but for civilians who wanted to join the fight, of course, they had to know what they were doing, and that’s where Smart gun training devices Between.

Ukraine’s government says thousands of civilians have lined up to get guns to help protect their country, and for many it may be the first time they’ve held a gun.

“What you don’t want are your first rounds fired on your street,” said Mike Farrell, president of Smart Firearms Training Devices.

The orange training weapon cheats reveal that they are not real, but are instead advanced training devices for police departments around the world, including Ukraine.

“On the day of the invasion, we were talking to friends of ours at the Ukrainian National Police, and we were just like, ‘What do you need?’ And they said, “That’s what we need. A combination of guns and targets, because the office I’m in now won’t be here tomorrow,” Farrell said.

Farrell has just returned from Poland having delivered over 100 training systems. He says Ukraine is blessed with some of the best military trainers in the world, and that comes because they have to improvise as their infrastructure is bombed.

“They don’t have infrastructure to train, they don’t have any. Lineups aren’t left. All those things they were training with a month ago are gone,” Farrell said.

This is why these tools have become so important behind the scenes.

“Incredibly vital, they can practice in a basement, in a subway station, place the targets on a far wall, swap out a magazine. All of those things are things you can do anywhere and no anywhere will become more important to them the more those towns will be shut down,” Farrell explained.

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