Under Secretary of the Army visits Fort Hood | KWKT


FORT HOOD, Texas (FOX 44) – The Honorable Gabe Camarillo, the Under Secretary of the Army, spent the day at Fort Hood, touring the People First Center, meeting with soldiers, and being given a tour of the facility and various engine pools.

He met the best III Corps squad winners and learned about the new equipment the units are using in the field and overseas.

But with that equipment comes the cost of maintenance, and Undersecretary Camarillo says the budget is in the works.

“We are hopeful to submit our budget for the current year as we hope to get a budget later this year,” he said. “This will address all of our concerns and hopefully meet all of our needs to ensure that we continue to fund all of the readiness requirements that exist here at Fort Hood because it is so important to everything we do. .”

Camarillo said the highlight of today for him was speaking with the soldiers to find out what might need more work and what they hope to see from the military in the future.

When asked what he expected from the military as a whole over the next five to ten years, he replied:

“The Army is truly in the midst of a 20-year transformation from supporting counterterrorism operations in the CENTCOM region to what is now brewing for close adversaries in what we call full-scale combat operations. “, he told FOX 44 News.

“So as I look to the future five years from now, what I expect to see is that Fort Hood will continue to play a very pivotal role in ensuring that we have a ready and capable army. “

Camarillo also said the military is continually working to improve the quality of life for its soldiers and their families and he promised that although it took him a few months for this visit to happen, it would not be the last. .


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