US military pushed to deploy advanced 360-degree cameras


New York lawmakers are pushing the U.S. military to deploy state-of-the-art cameras to improve military surveillance capabilities and increase soldiers’ situational awareness in the face of evolving threats.

In one letter to the Secretary of the Army Christine WormuthSenate Majority Leader Charles Schumer and his colleagues recommended implementing technology that provides 360-degree views.

According to lawmakers, most devices the military uses today have limited fields of view, such as cameras and pole-mounted mirrors.

They also noted that more sophisticated systems like drones are not readily available to all military forces.

“Our military service members continue to face a dangerous level of tactical uncertainty in combat zones, and it is imperative that the military use all the tools at its disposal to rapidly procure the technology to mitigate these risks. “, says the letter.

Potential technology

Representing Brian Higgins explained that military operations have evolved recently and the armed forces must adopt appropriate technologies to cope with the changes.

The lawmakers said that while several entities within the U.S. military are currently researching cutting-edge surveillance solutions, they urge the service to prioritize the development of tactical stabilized omni-directional cameras and provide an update on the effort.

A business lawmakers cited a New York-based company that has developed a tactical disposable camera that can “see in all directions at once” is worth considering for such a system.

“A device developed by Bounce Imaging, based right here in Buffalo, provides a unique solution to the challenges faced by our service members in a variety of situations,” the letter read. “Access to new, state-of-the-art equipment that can help detect, mitigate and manage hazardous situations will improve operations and save lives.”


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