Venom and Carnage crushed Marvel’s hold on Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead


Venom and Carnage crash into Army of the Dead to fight their way through a symbiont infested Vegas in Venom / Carnage # 4.

WARNING: This article includes major spoilers for Venom / Carnage Infinity Comic # 4, on sale at Marvel now!

After making their way through Vegas in a symbiote kaiju battle, Venom and Carnage’s most recent adventure has them battling through a symbiont-infested Sin City in a clear homage to Zack Snyder. Army of the dead.

Comic Venom / Carnage Infinity # 4 by Karla Pacheco, Scott Hepburn, Ian Herring, Joe Sabino of VC, Annie Cheng, Tim Smith 3 and Devin Lewis shows what the symbiotes are doing in Vegas, stays in Vegas. The issue opens with a passed out Cletus Kasady who awakens after Venom’s previous attempt to defeat him spread pieces of Carnage all over town, infecting everyone in the area. Cletus reconnected with Carnage by grabbing people from the mob infected with symbiotes chasing Venom, then chasing after him. Venom rushed through the crowd, quickly formulating a plan to use the power supply from an underground casino vault to shock the crowd’s symbiotes.

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While flying through town, Venom fell into the casino through the skylight and then across the room until he reached the elevator and dropped into the basement. Subsequently, Venom made his way through the symbiont infested hallway leading to the safe and found a group of thieves trying to break into the safe as a final score before they could retreat. He kindly asked them to let him through and they obeyed, only to be slaughtered by the group of symbiotes that Venom had just defeated.

Inside the safe, Carnage ambushed Venom. As the duo exchanged a combination of punches and witty banter, Venom slyly connected the device the thieves were using to break into the safe to the power supply, then used it to shock Carnage. The explosion of electricity passed through every person in the city, freeing them from the Carnage symbiote.

While Army of the dead starring zombies, not symbiotes, Venom’s frolics across Vegas certainly have clear similarities to the 2021 zombie movie. In the movie, after a zombie outbreak ravaged Vegas, the city was cut off. from the rest of the world. A team of mercenaries sneaked into the Olympus Casino vault to steal $ 200 million before the town was destroyed to take down the zombie threat.

The clearest reference between this issue and the movie is the group of thieves trying to break into a Vegas casino safe in the midst of a symbiont / zombie outbreak. Much like the movie, the group of thieves that Venom meets don’t come out of Vegas with their lives intact. This is the most striking similarity, but there are a few other elements that hint at the film that are more subtle, such as the two having a being who has infected the rest of the base. For the movie, it’s Zeus, the alpha zombie, and the comic book has Carnage. Additionally, the two have a character trapped inside the safe they were trying to break into. Dieter locks Vanderohe in the safe to protect him from Zeus, while Venom locks Cletus in the safe to make sure he can’t infect anyone else.

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Electric Shock Venom Carnage

While not necessarily a direct tribute, the two Venom / Carnage and Army of the dead end on a dark note, hinting that worse things are to come. The film ends with one of the mercenaries, who managed to escape upon finding he was infected after leaving town.

Meanwhile, the comic ends with the Carnage symbiote seemingly set to get Cletus out of prison. From the references found throughout the issue, it’s clear that the authors at least nodded to Army of the dead. While this is far from the first time Marvel’s Vegas has been taken over by the supernatural and superheroes, this one is certainly one of the funniest games in Sin City.

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