Warzone players angry at Modern Warfare weapon nerfs “with no clue” in update


With Raven Software rolling out yet another update for Warzone, some players are frustrated with the apparent backlog of Modern Warfare weapons.

The meta Warzone has been on the move constantly for the past couple of years, as just about every weapon type has had its moment in the limelight.

However, as Black Ops Cold War was incorporated into the battle royale, there were a few bumps along the way with bugs, glitches, and of course, pirates. In meta terms though, the weapons of the Cold War have taken over.

A lot of players still have classes built around Modern Warfare weapons, but really, if you’re not using a Cold War weapon, you’re behind the eight bullet. This, of course, caused some problems.

Raven Software

Warzone’s meta is constantly changing with each patch.

With Modern Warfare’s weapons already lagging behind in power, the last thing many gamers wanted was another set of nerfs. However, that is what happened in the August 16 update. The AS Val, the MP5 and a few others all took a big hit.

As a result, players started to wonder why Raven needed to target these weapons, as it appears they are trying to make them “irrelevant” in some way. “We are at a point where using MW loads directly puts you at a disadvantage,” said Redditor o_oPeter. “I don’t like Cold War and I won’t play Plunder games for hours on end to level the CW guns.”

Others quickly echoed these thoughts, offering solutions. “At this point, just remove the MW weapons from Warzone,” one player commented. “Create a separate playlist for the MW weapons only so we can have fun without being completely out of date.” However, some just wanted to blow up the developers. “Raven has absolutely no idea and it is clear from their so called ‘balancing’ that they did in season 4” noted another player.

MW weapons are slowly nerfed into uselessness of COD war zone

Some players have suggested that the same cycle will continue when the battle royale integrates with Vanguard, but it will be the weapons of the Cold War that will take the brunt.

Of course, not all Modern Warfare weapons are useless. However, a quick glance at the top 10 most WZ Ranking shows that only three are from Modern Warfare.

A reloaded Season 5 update later this season might give Modern Warfare a bit of love for weapons, but for now, players aren’t more satisfied.

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