Werewolf By Night Will Be The MCU’s Next Secret Weapon On Disney+


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made it a point to always venture into as many genres as possible, as long as the style matches the story being told. However, one genre that has remained largely intact is horror. Whereas The Incredible Hulk could be considered an early dive into the horror genre, thanks to its monster movie qualities, it’s only Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness that fans got a real taste. That said, the next Halloween special night werewolfstarring Gael García Bernal in the title role, can expand the horror even further based on its trailer alone.

The special looks were heavily influenced by the Hammer horror films and the Universal Classic Monsters. The trailer also explored a unique setting where hunters are tasked with finding and capturing a monster among them. In this case, it may be none other than the Werewolf By Night. But for all its spectacle and terror, a brief look at another character known as the Man-Thing may set in motion the idea that night werewolf could be the MCU’s secret weapon for its supernatural characters.

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Why is the MCU’s Night Werewolf important?

In one look, night werewolf feels like another MCU story that centers on a character struggling with an affliction or responsibility that put him on the path he is on now. While this story is clearly more mature than the previous one, its foundation may resemble Phase 1 of the MCU and how it slowly set up something much bigger for the universe. In this case, it could be anything from the Midnight Sons to a greater presence of vigilantes, both traditional and supernatural.

In this case, the special would act as Captain America: The First Avenger in that he established a simple story about the main character, but throughout the narrative he laid bread crumbs that would eventually lead to everything from The Avengers same Avengers: Infinity War. But for night werewolfthese connections would be far more impactful and dangerous for those who venture into its macabre world.

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How Could Werewolf By Night Connect To Other MCU Characters?

It’s not clear if night werewolf would be a special that could set up the MCU’s own supernatural version of The Avengers. But, by introducing the character, it opened the door to an interconnected world of vigilantes and anti-heroes who may not like each other but will do whatever they can to save lives. For example, when Moon Knight first appeared, he was tasked with capturing and stopping the Night Werewolf. Although Marc Spector and Khonshu aren’t on good terms at the moment, the introduction of a werewolf into the MCU would be the perfect catalyst for the two reuniting.

That said, introducing werewolves and the Man-Thing to the MCU, there’s every reason to assume that other hunters like Blade and Elsa Bloodstone might show up and try to recruit or take down the werewolf from night. Since Blade has already been shown to encounter other possibly cursed MCU heroes, the werewolf connections aren’t too much of a stretch. Plus, it might even open more doors for future supernatural heroes like Ghost Rider, as teases to a hellish dimension have already been established. At the end, night werewolf looks like the perfect standalone story to introduce a new face to the MCU. But because of that, it’s also the best place to plant seeds for future character interactions.

Werewolf by Night is coming to Disney+ on October 7.


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