What’s the best classic Castlevania sub-weapon?


Castlevania has a plethora of weapons to help its vampire slayers defeat the forces of darkness. Here is the best of classic sub-weapons.

While the vampire hunters of the hugely popular Castlevania The franchise often relies on the legendary whip Vampire Killer to defeat the forces of darkness. In virtually every game in the franchise, players also equip themselves with secondary weapons to help level the playing field against Dracula and his monstrous armies. Consumed by hearts gathered in the game, Castlevania: Rondo de sang would introduce the idea that secondary weapon attacks could be boosted by consuming a much larger amount of cores for the object collision technique while retaining their basic functionality.

With such a comprehensive roster of sub-weapons added to the franchise over its 35-year history, including zircon and even the Bible used to physically beat monsters, this ranking will focus on the five classic sub-weapons that appeared in the original trilogy of NES games, which have become staples of the franchise.

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5. Dagger

One of the first secondary weapons players can claim in the 1986 original Castlevania is the dagger, a standard knife that must be thrown in a straight horizontal line at targets. The damage dealt is relatively minimal, and while some games give the dagger a little recoil against weaker opponents, the dagger is really included to give players some sort of ranged attack.

Rondo of blood and its direct sequel Symphony of the night would allow players to fire a flurry of daggers horizontally at a target at the cost of additional hearts, although the damage dealt per dagger remains low compared to other sub-weapons.

4. Ax

The ax is the franchise’s other relatively common sub-weapon, with characters throwing the ax over a shortbow in front of them. With most of the game’s attacks being close together and constrained horizontally, it was the ax that allowed players to hit targets at a slightly greater distance and at an angle, especially when faced with flying monsters.

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Rondo of blood and Symphony of the night allowed players to summon a ring of axes that would radiate outward and strike all enemies around them. The ax would be incorporated as a special move for Simon and Richter Belmont during their appearances in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

3. Pocket watch

One of the weirdest secondary weapons in the franchise is the pocket watch. It would be renamed and modified to become a stopwatch in later games – something of an anachronism given the time period, however. Castlevania never strictly respected their respective deadlines.

The timer would stop time for brief periods, allowing players to escape or attack opponents interrupted by the time attack. However, some enemies are immune to its effects. Rondo of blood and Symphony of the night would allow players to increase the effects of the clock, but at the cost of a significantly larger number of cores.

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2. Combat cross

One of the most powerful secondary weapons in the game is the Combat Cross, with players throwing the crucifix horizontally across the stage before it returns like a boomerang, dealing an impressive amount of damage to anything hit. The multipliers found throughout the stages can add up to a total of three crosses to the screen at a time, making it particularly effective.

Of all the secondary weapons, the Combat Cross has always been one of the most powerful, receiving a special shout in the Castlevania the last season of the anime when it was finally obtained by Trevor Belmont. This is possibly the best secondary weapon of the years 1991 Super Castlevania IV. The Combat Cross is a special attack for Simon and Richter in Ultimate smash, with Final Smash of the two characters also using the weapon to evoke Richter and Alucard’s item crash from Rondo of blood and Symphony of the night.

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1. Holy water


The most powerful weapon of the original Castlevania is holy water, with players throwing a small vial in front of them, creating a small torrent of cleansing flame. Any monster caught by the bottle or fire in NES titles is temporarily frozen in its tracks until the flame disappears as it continues to take damage from it.

While some monsters are immune to the paralysis caused by Holy Water (and this feature was later downplayed Castlevania games), even Dracula’s final form in the original leaves him vulnerable to being frozen by holy water as long as players have the heart to use it. The standard holy water attack is a special move for Richter and Simon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and the Holy Water object Crash in Rondo of blood and Symphony of the night is one of the most powerful in the whole game.

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