When Rishi Kapoor revealed he was started because Raj Kapoor was in debt, Rajesh Khanna couldn’t afford: 48 years of Bobby


It has been 48 years since Raj Kapoor’s landmark romance Bobby starred Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia. The film is a classic for countless reasons – depicting the concept of young, rebellious love and changing the texture and grammar of Bollywood romances. Rishi Kapoor has established himself as a young romantic hero and has often expressed his pride in setting the tone for romantic films to come. He had said before Bobby that a hero and a heroine would be a man and a woman. But after the movie, the realization that they might just be a boy and a girl set in. This changed the way of lip-syncing back in its day, as director Raj Kapoor wanted Rishi Kapoor to sing all the songs out loud, rather than playing them. .

Bobby was a bet, as it was a desperate measure to recoup the losses suffered by the previous films of Raj Kapoor, Mera Naam Joker and Kal, Aaj Aur Kal. He couldn’t afford Rajesh Khanna, so he launched his 20-year-old son Rishi Kapoor alongside Dimple Kapadia. The duo were considered an iconic pair, with people drawing comparisons to Raj Kapoor and Nargis. Rishi Kapoor told Bollywood Hungama at the time: “Bobby was made a movie because Raj Kapoor had to be bailed out. He had this studio mortgage. Whatever money he has made his entire life, it has always been invested in his films. Everything continued to roll. He was never invested in another type of industrial zone… it was always his films. He was so passionate about his films.

He added: “So Bobby was made at a time when Raj Kapoor needed a blockbuster movie. And the easiest solution after the Mera Naam Joker debacle was to take some big stars and make a movie. because there was a 100% chance of success since Raj Kapoor was doing it. That is why Rajesh Khanna and at that time, I am told, Sharmila Tagore and Mumtaz were keen to work with Raj Kapoor. They would do anything. what to work with him. He did not believe to take stars in the film, in the sense that his vision and his thinking were different, “he added.

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For Rishi Kapoor, his film Bobby was a subject of dazzling pride, a “masterpiece”, he had declared during the promotions of his book, Khullam Khulla.

However, Bobby’s resounding success took its toll on his real life. The chemistry between him and Dimple Kapadia looked so real it seemed to have leaked offscreen as well. In his memories Khullam Khulla, Kapoor wrote that he was in a serious relationship with a girl named Yasmin Mehta, which ended after the tabloids wrote about an emerging romance between him and Dimple. “By the time Bobby came out in 1973, Stardust, which was the most popular magazine of its time, published a story about a budding romance between Dimple and I. Dimple, who by that time was already married to Rajesh Khanna , was not much affected. But it ended my relationship with Yasmin, I tried to bring her back into my life, but she didn’t agree, “he wrote.

Yasmin had given Rishi Kapoor a ring that Dimple Kapadia wore while filming Bobby. “When we were shooting Bobby, Dimple would take it off and put it on her finger. She ended up keeping it. When Rajesh Khanna proposed to her, he saw the ring and threw it into the sea near his house in Juhu. Inevitably, the headlines were flowing: “Rajesh Khanna Throws Rishi Kapoor’s Ring Overboard.” The truth is, I’ve never been in love with Dimple or even infatuated with her, ”Kapoor wrote in her memoir.

Later, Neetu Kapoor, who eventually married Rishi Kapoor, also worried about their closeness, and Kapoor had to reassure her. When Dimple Kapadia and Rishi Kapoor worked together in Saagar, Neetu Kapoor became anxious. “Many years after our marriage began, Neetu told me that the only time she felt threatened was when I was working with Dimple in Saagar. But she didn’t need to worry. Dimple was a friend, though maybe she was a bit more than that during Bobby. Ten years had passed; she was coming out of a marriage with two children and I was also well settled with two children.

Kapadia Dimple (Photo: RK Films)

Rishi Kapoor, who won the award for Bobby, was sure his victory was also a reason for a cold war between him and Amitabh Bachchan. The truth, he confessed, was that he “bought” the prize, which he was ashamed of later. “I think Amitabh was sulking because I won the Best Actor award for Bobby. I’m sure he felt the award was his for Zanjeer, which came out the same year. I’m ashamed of it. say it, but in fact I “bought” this award. I was so naive. There was this PRO, Taraknath Gandhi, who said to me: ‘Sir, tees hazaar de do, toh aap ko main award dila doonga. ‘ I’m not the manipulative type but I admit I gave him the money without thinking, ”Rishi Kapoor later wrote in his memoir.

Bobby was a milestone in the concept of young Bollywood love, and 48 years later the film is still considered iconic for its songs, story, the chemistry between the protagonists, and even the trendy costumes, like the polka dot dresses and short dresses. .


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